spontaneous self therapy

Over the course of my ten to twelve hour work day the stress builds. Physical work, Strategic planning and multi- tasking (the most unnatural of activities)… they take there toll on the body.

Many people plan exercises and hobbies to deal with stress over a course of a week.
I find that i need to alleviate high stress levels in the moment that i become aware of them. Stress is built up physiological energy in the body, it needs to go somewhere.

Today on a very difficult and stressful day i could feel the stress building, I was on a tow motor much of the day, not being physical enough to allow stresses to be channeled out of me.
So i made time for myself to take a break. found a place that i could some self therapy.

Starting with some bellow breathing (Slow full and complete exhales through the nose, followed by full belly inhales, concentrating on the exhale).
I began moving my arms around in smooth fluid motions, extending and moving the muscles, while walking in place. Stress is potential energy of sorts, it needs to become kinetic.

After five minutes or so, i stopped and focus on freeing emotion that came up to be expressed, often i would use pen in paper to express in writing, but i did not have a notebook. No feelings needed released anyway, apparently. potential feelings need to become kinetic feelings as well.

And finally a counted breaths and meditated on being, as in seated meditation for about five to ten minutes to bring me back to the real.

a fifteen minute investment of my day

with that i was ready to continue my day, and function fully.

Life and circumstances constantly change and our self therapies and mediation process require spontaneity . Self therapy and meditation have a measure of creativity.

Basically i continue to learn the fundamentals and discipline of techniques, I also here i ideas and test them to see what works.

The simple exercise above has elements from Gestalt therapy, meditative dance, meditative writing, ideas from Osho’s meditation, and zazen
what ever feels right in the moment.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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