The Ringing is ringing, the whistling is whistling

A Zen master, walking with his disciple, asked about the wind bells suspended from the four comers of the temple roof. “What is ringing,” he said, “the wind or the bells?” The disciple said, “The wind is not ringing, the bells are not ringing, the mind is ringing.” Dogen, a later master who first taught Zen in Japan, commented on this story, “It is the wind ringing, it is the chimes ringing, it is the blowing ringing, it is the ringing ringing.”

—this story is a block quote from web page:
from the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy.

Our minds shape out our enviroment.
for example
If i am sitting in a restaurant with my friends… from a physics point of view, my friends, me, the restaurant table, and the very sound waves of our conversation are all of a phenomenon of matter and electro magnetic energy.

It is in our minds where perceive, sense and organize our environment into structures such as “me”, ” a “restaurant table”, “my friend”, “conversation”. These gestalt organizations are perfectly normal for us…and healthy, provided we acknowledge that they are not the only way of perceiving, sensing or intellectualizing our existence.
At work, during break, I started to do a seated meditation, which i often do at work. As i relaxed into my zazen i became aware of the random whistles and ticks of the industrial machines. I meditated on this phenomenon… Between the “machines” and between “me” was the phenomenon of the ticks and whistles. I sat and simply existed with the sounds and the machines.
What is real and concrete is not the “Machines”, “myself”, or the “whistles, ticks and sounds” as independent structures. What is real and concrete is the that these are all the same energy, matter of existence.
Why do i do this? Meditation helps become aware of , and sense, and LET GO of many of my minds ego defenses. It helps me TUNE IN into the real and concrete enviroment in which i am part of. And not be so much the observer of it.

It is the wind whistling, it is the machines whistling, it is the whistling whistling.

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I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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  1. brokenpoetrygirl says:

    wonderful blog…really enjoyed reading your posts. and thanks for your kind comment on my poem on my blog:)


  2. chris says:

    Reblogged this on Pennsylvania Echoes and commented:

    ( from 2007 to now )
    Dogen , machines, sound and meditating

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