Submissions in the Post Modern Life

I have grown up in the modern world. An I have chosen to participate in it. I have a car, a computer a Television. I live in a friendly, some times violent community. But as i enjoy the comforts of life, i am plagued by the anxieties and pains of the fast paced world.

Like most people, from time to time, I looked at our human history and evolution, and feel the desire to make peace with my elements. We will all die one day, our modern existence will end. We will all physically return to the dust, spirit, or energy that we are constructed of.
I see meditation is key component to find peace my body. It helps to relieve some unpleasant symptoms, that are rooted deep with in me the deep fear of death, and the intense will to live..

the hardest part of submission
is trusting intuition
through all the compositions
grieving the gripping complexities
grieving cerebral tendencies…
yet our matter shall soon be free
Back to stardust, void or deity.
submission’s painful irony
the willingness to be free
is within our phenomenology
the painful loving life journey.
the hardest part of submission
is finding peace with our composition
and trusting intuition.


As Kierkegaard once wrote:”Life must be understood backwards; but… it must be lived forward.” But as i move forward in the post modern world, I am also on a journey to make peace with from where i came from. It all happens in the Here & Now.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

5 Responses to Submissions in the Post Modern Life

  1. knotkeats says:

    I don’t think of it as submission. I think of it as letting go.

    Back when I was in my 20s I read a lot about Zen, yoga, philosophy, etc. None of the mystic philosophers made any sense to me. I read Krishnamurti and he said to just drop it.

    It all seemed so complicated. Finally (it’s a long story, and somewhat ironic) I decided to take up meditation. I started with meditating on a mantra, and very simple counting and “in through the nose, out through the mouth” stuff, like you’ve described.

    I’d sit cross-legged and sweat like a pig and only ten minutes went by. It was so damned HARD. For some reason I kept at it.

    15 years later it was all so simple. It wasn’t necessarily easy, but it was simple. I finally understood that when Krishnamurti said to just drop it, he was talking about letting go of attachments.

    All of this philosophy that had seemed so difficult was only difficult because I got in my own way. It was really just as easy as they said it was. There was no big secret, no mystery. You just had to do it.

    Now I’m almost 60, and I get lazy. I forget to meditate. Meditation is easy now. I’m good at it, whatever that means. It’s good for me.

    Your blog reminds me that I should keep doing it. Thanks you.

  2. zenpen says:

    thanks for your comment knotkeats. I also had to experience meditation, to understand it. reading about just didnt communicate to me.

    Ive learned that there is no rush to have easy meditation, it comes when it, comes.

    learning to “let go” is a long maturing process. maybe a life time.

    after all forcing or “trying too hard” is the very thing that works against us.

    I love your peotry blog. keep on meditating and writing.

  3. Samanthamj says:

    I loved this “Submissions” poem.

    And, I really need to learn more about meditating… Actually, I probably need to really START meditating even more. =)

    How’s everything going, Dawg?


  4. zenpen says:

    Hi SMJ. I am doing well.

    I meditate daily with seated meditation for discipline,
    and apply meditation to writing or work whenever the chance arises, unplanned.

    (oops im spoiling my next post here.)

    As far as zen or “gestalt” meditation:

    Check out the blog- rolled meditation bar on the sidebar.

    Or the youtube widget at the bottom of the page….
    “approaching zazen” is the best beginners demonstration i have seen thus far.

    good to here from you.

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