sixty degrees and mindful

It was nearly 60(f) degrees yesterday… unseasonably warm day in February.
I have two breaks at work… The first break i usually meditate, the second i eat lunch with my co workers.

It was nice to step outside and take in the nice weather.
Sitting out on an unused dock, surrounded by skids, I had a view of the country side, moving clouds.. and the railroad tracks.

I sat and became aware of my breathing for a couple minutes…. Just observing and breath. Then …the senses. The damp cool breeze felt prickly across my cheeks and arms. As I allowed my consciousness to roam and observe… i watched the cloud tumble along the sky. the sound of the birds, rustling on the docks metal roof, became more detailed.

Every so often , my mind would drift into daydream, or think of a rational problem of the work day. But i am better at catching myself at drifting during mindful meditation. So I simply go back to observing my breathing…. my mind becomes an observer again.
….. and i go back to the intricate sense of my unseasonably warm outdoor scene.

There are times to ponder what the tumbling clouds are made of… where the birds all came from. There times to be concerned about the temperature of the day as the globe warms up.

But one fully cannot appreciate the questions of the nature around him… if one cannot just be with the nature around him, at least for fifteen minutes.
fifteen minutes for my first break. Then back to work…loving life and the environments around me.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

One Response to sixty degrees and mindful

  1. Untreatable says:

    You have a very interesting perceptive and it is making me think about things I usually do not bother with. Great blog

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