great acheivers with mental illness poster

great acheivers

I am making a poster for a mental illness resource center. Many people who are newly diagnosed with a mental illness see it has a condemnation or a “death sentence”. thats not true, but the feeling is part of the recovery journey.

Of course i could put thousands of pictures in this poster.
This is just a rough draft i through together from tumbnails on the web.
for a bigger view click on this thumbnail:



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37 Responses to great acheivers with mental illness poster

  1. judy says:

    this is a fantastic poster… one of the best mental health posters that I have seen.. and believe me, I have scoured the net trying to find them…. please be encouraged to keep up the outstanding work… and many thanks……..

  2. janet b says:

    I am the Resource Director for NAMI Lehigh Valley. I would love to have one of these posters to display at our health fairs. Can you tell me how to order one? Thanks.

    Chris’s Reply: Hi Janet. Thanks, i’m glad you like the poster. I will send you an E-mail over the weekend.

  3. Maggie says:

    Could I order a poster?

  4. chris says:

    At this point its easier just to:

    1. click on:

    2. Scroll down to the small “thumbnail” version of the poster.
    3. click on it.
    4. you should see the image in your browser.
    5. right click and download the picture to your computer.

    If you have a PDF file type reader such as Adobe Acrobat you can also download the file type listed below.

    Please remember nothing on this site is to be used to make a profit per copyright rules.

  5. John says:

    i don’t mean to be an annoyance, but for correct grammar purposes, “your” in the poster should be “you’re”.

    but i love the concept and it is uplifting to see that there are people in history who have successfully dealt with mental illnesses.


    Chris Replies not an annoyance at all. The constructive criticsm is helpful. Thanks for your comment, John.

  6. cherished79 says:


  7. Rebecca says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! And you are right that thousand could be added, what an inspiration! Keep up the great work and remember that may is national mental health awareness month! Wear your ribbons with pride!! Keep postin your work!! You rock!

  8. i LOVE this poster! would we maybe be able to use it for our MentalHealthCamp in april, a conference about the intersection between social media and mental health?

  9. Olga says:

    I really liked this poster – I think it is just great. I wonder if you ever came across yet another poster that was specifically targeting Bipolar Disorder – regretfully, I’ve missed this one. As I recall, this poster was dedicated to some series of post stamps (2003 or 2004) and was called something like “Famous people that influenced our life with Bipolar Disorder”. I was trying to find this poster but couldn’t get it from anywhere – I wonder if you have seen it or, perhaps, know where it can be ordered from.
    Thank you!

  10. chris says:

    @isabellla thanks. on the “Charts” page of this blog is a corrected version of the poster.

    @olga, i’m sorry I do not know where you can find the poster you are referring too.

    Thank you All for your comments!

  11. and what exactly were the diagnoses on each character? i thing you should have that written on the pictures rather than their names.

  12. chris says:

    Thanks for your comment aliceintaraminunilor,
    However i think you missed the point.

    If I had to write something on a picture of me( for example),I would put my own name. Not my diagnosis (of Bipolar disorder)

    Same goes with the folks in the photos.

  13. Cory says:

    This is a great poster! Would it be okay to use this image in conjunction with an article about mental illness to be published in a not-for-profit academic publication?

    Chris’ quick reply: I will have to check into it. Many of the faces on this poster are presently living.

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  15. Barbara says:

    Great work! My friend is bipolar and psychotic to. And i’m borderline.

    • chris says:

      Thanks Barbara, BPD is only finally really defined and outline.
      All bet we could find many great achievers,through history that also fit the Borderline Diagnosis

  16. Julie Snook says:

    I LOVE this poster! How do I get one?

  17. Ben Naylor says:


    I really like the mental health poster, would it be possible to get a cost for the price of the poster with postage and packaging.

    Could you give a breakdown of prices if we bought more than one as well.

    Lastly, how do we order a poster from you, could you please give a hyperlink or some direction.

    Kind Regards

    Ben Naylor
    Mental Health Project Worker

  18. Cecelia H. says:

    How do I order a poster?

  19. Caution says:

    I would be careful in the interests of good history when you include people in your poster who have been long dead. There is no way to diagnose a person from the historic record. The individuals themselves are not available for evaluation and therefore most “diagnoses” are just guesses and guesses are junk. What seems so apparent to the person who calls, say, Mark Twain, mentally ill is not necessarily going to lead another person to the same conclusion. We should not be slapping labels on anyone. We wouldn’t like it done to ourselves and should refrain from doing it to those who cannot contest the labelling.

  20. chris says:

    the guesses are not junk. There is plenty of citing that Mark Twain, including his own words suffered from depression and Mental Illness existed before DSM 4 was designed.
    We could say we are being speculative about the definition of “Mental Illness” or even “Great Achievers”,
    However, today we consider major depression a mental illness.

    I have researched for the poster
    So I ask you, how do you conclude that Mark Twains major depression Isn’t a mental illness?

    I do agree however we shouldn’t throw diagnosis around, but
    the point of the poster is that these people are esteemed in “achieving greatness” (how ever debatable that is),
    despite their respective illness.

    Thank you for your comment.

  21. Hi- I also work in tne menatl health field and would love a copy of the poster for a health fair in our community for Nov. How does our clubhosue obtain a copy????

    Susan Baldwin

  22. janice knowles says:

    I am putting together a class for psychiatric patients, many of whom have difficulty accepting their diagnosis. I believe this poster would benefit them. I would be interested in purchasing this poster.

    • chris says:

      Thank you for commenting Susan and Janice… Unfortunately, right now I do not have the means or have I collected the rights to distribute a physical poster.

      • chris says:

        Please note that I did not notice the typo in this photo for quite a while.

        The corrected full size “poster” image can been seen by clicking on the Thumbnail at:

        along with a link that leads to a PDF file format version.
        (you will have to scroll down a little bit on that page above to locate the files.

  23. Jean says:

    Great idea. Breaks down stereotypes!

  24. Fran Lesicko says:

    I run a residential treatment facility for adults with mental illness and would like to get one of these posters.

  25. Eve yncbermz says:

    Finally , I found the best inspirstional poster for my office wall … I deal with M. I. Patients at work … Thank you

  26. chris says:

    thank you!
    please note that the poster in this post was a draft and has a typo. (“your” instead of “you’re”).

    if you would like to work with a complete and “fixed” version go here:,

    or visit the charts tab on the menu. click on the poster or the pdf download.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t of put so many people who completed suicide up there though

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  29. siddharth Gundecha says:

    Nice poster, pinned it.

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