Charting my moods (bipolar)

A Mood Chart is a simple tool that people diagnosed with Bipolar disorder (like me) use from time to time. its basically a daily or bi-daily chart of symptoms and affect mood. With the K.I.S.S (keep – it- simple-stupid) attitude in mind, a mood chart can be made to meet any personal symptoms and then taken to to a doctor and therapist.

Why keep a mood chart?
Mood charts can give a consumer and his/her professionals a better idea of the cycling, symptoms and possible triggers of symptoms over a long period of time. Thus a mood chart is a tool for personal awareness and an aid for a doctor who is prescribing treatment.

In the last couple years my bipolar symptoms have been sporadic and relatively mild. I credit this towards my good attitude, good management, and to good luck. (you cannot under estimate luck, and the attitude to take advantage of it).

So this morning, while i sit home with the flu, on my vacation (so much for luck ;P )…
I thought I’d finish a down loadable mood chart.

"example of a bipolar disorder mood chart"

"example of a bipolar disorder mood chart"


above you will see an example of how one is filled out.

you can simply create you own. managers of disorders : Depression, Bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality disorder often use these.
you can also download my pre made PDF. visiting the “charts” tab above or click here for charts.

the chart is free, but please feel free to donate any kleenex and cough drops to Pennsylvania Echoes, im going back to bed.

Post Update:

You may download a .PDF  (readable with Adobe, Foxit, open office, etc)
by clicking on the link below
Daily-mood-chart-for Bipolar disorder


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I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

8 Responses to Charting my moods (bipolar)

  1. cherished79 says:

    Chris: Missed my blog and my research daily, so hopped on back. I couldn’t believe how the viewers stayed on during my absence through – goes to prove that people are just looking for answers to anything on mental illness and can’t find it. Search engines just ‘aint all that good sometimes; they need us!


    P.S. I like your new look.

  2. chris says:

    Glad you are back Deb,

    I will steer you to a Mental health Directory idea, the “untreatable” is working on.
    on his post

    I am short on time,right now, but i will post in support of this idea, hopefully this week.

  3. untreatable says:

    When I was coming to terms with self harm I found that by tracking my moods I was able to distinguish a rather noticeable pattern so in turn I was able to be more aware of the situation so that I would be able to put my emergency plan into place. Also by tracking moods I was able to tell when my medication was effective and when it was lacking which gave my doctor the information that he needed to balance out the chemical end of my illness to a higher degree. A very useful tool that is for sure.

    Thanks for the mention above by the way. I believe you are number two on the list but still lacking a description.

    Hope your feeling better.

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  5. chato says:

    Very good… what else do you have… can I give this away freely on my Mental Health Humor Blog?


  6. chris says:

    yes you may direct to:

    or if you wish to pass on the PDF document on your web site, via downloads

    please mention were you found it.

    (i like like the blog hits)

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