laughing zen

laucging Buddha

laughing Buddha

Your in a crowded room. Many people you don’t know. maybe a board meeting. maybe an auditorium. People are chattering between them. Maybe their is a little anxiety.
Different types of people, different type of clothing. You check your own clothing to make sure you look good. Maybe your a bit nervous about being around new people. Check your watch…Think about what you must do after this event is over.

Just then something funny happens. Maybe its a speaker in the room… maybe he has just told a hilarious joke. Who knows! but the whole room is laughing, now. other people are telling funny jokes to people they may not know.

Everybody in the room is lost in contagious laughter and nobody seems to care about the time, who is in the room with. Social anxiety are left behind, worries… Just for a couple minutes. everyone seems bound to together on the same thread.
This is called a momentary zen.
A spontaneous period where are personal anxieties subside. we are in tune with the oneness of the emotion… in this case laughter. Despite the energy of the laughter their is a peacefulness. Everyone seems bound together .
despite the the social devisions and worries we create in our minds, those momentary zens seem to take us over. as if it is deep within us.
the Laughing Buddha Image in this post is from

Just for kicks I give you this youtube video, posted by:  TamburiiniMato

may the laughter be contagious :)



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