Driving the Tao

The plan for the day was to take my aging parents up to a “butterfly Sanctuary”.
It was my fathers idea. This Sanctuary where thousands of of Butterflies visit, was located near a State Game land Preserve here in Pennsylvania. Take in the Nature and snap some pictures 45 minutes from where i picked my parents up in my car.
As usual ,we never got the directions to destination correct, even though we were pretty familiar with the Roads. We never could find the place… and potential argument was brewing between me and my father. It just seem so important, to my father, to get to  this destination, …fumbling through directions…Just to get to a now lost end point.

I began to get impatient with our ,seemingly desperate, attempt to this Butterfly field, as i noted the irony that we were driving through the hills with tall thick trees and forest. So i deliberately turned the car down a road to get lost. I told my parents we just arent going to get there, so enjoy the nature that is around us.

the Tension in the car broke as we drove through the hills, my mother Watched the Hawks hunt from her car window. the smell of the Pennsylvania Pines came through the car vents.

We drove up near a pond, and i spontaneously decided to stop the car and take some pictures as well as stretch our legs.

When we met the pond we saw butterflies everywhere. We did not come here to find them. and the butterflies did not come here to meet us. They were just being Butterflies.
The pond was just a pond. We were just being spontaneous.

Nature is all around us. By simple  random luck of spontaneity, we found   what we thought we were searching for that afternoon…. After giving up on seeking out so desperately. Its the Nature of Nature.

I have learned over the years, that If I search to hard for something I think is so grand elsewhere, I miss the magic of  what all around my senses. I still live by my spontaneity. It feed my sense of wonder.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

10 Responses to Driving the Tao

  1. gentledove says:

    Hi,this is very interesting,I’ve never understood why people must always go on vacation, with all the worry and fretting that goes with it, they don’t seem very relaxed when they return home.

  2. chris says:

    I completely agree. On visits to big cities or to nature, The best parts have always been those spontaneous surprises. Whether im near home or on a trip i’ve always preferred to “get lost”.find that unplanned adventure.

  3. shoreacres says:

    When I was a child, my dad would look at me and say, “Want to go exploring?” And away we would go, with no destination in mind at all. Sometimes we found wonderful things, and sometimes we didn’t. But he taught me that the journey’s what counts. That, and keeping your eyes open for what “is”.

  4. timethief says:

    I’m also a spontaneous person and because I have been so I have seen some amazing sights.

    Three years ago I happened upon a sea otter slide. I quietly watched from a distance while the two parents shoved their four little kits onto the mudslide and sent them sailing 25 feet down from the end of the slide into the sea. When the last little head popped up from the waves I felt like cheering but remained silent. One parent sailed down the slide and the remaining parent hesitated at the top looked intently over one shoulder at the brush I was hiding behind and then joined his or her family.

  5. chris says:

    A friend and I, once came across a child with his mother at a beach in Jersey. He looked a bit bored.

    We taught him how to find Sand Fleas (little crustaceans) on the beach. This kid was so excited he went and tole his mother. about 5 minutes and we moved on.

    I’m not sure who was more excited, the kid… or my friend!.
    Oh, those spontaneous unplanned moments of discovery!

  6. samanthamj says:

    Hey there Stranger…=)
    I loved this post… I could picture it well… the the photos you posted are stunning. Are those actually from your excursion? I’ve missed blogging a bit… and really like what you’ve done with your site. Nice.

  7. chris says:

    Welcome back to the blogphere SMJ. (You know bloggers don’t take vacation).
    Yes, those are my pics. I am still very bad with the tech of taking digital photographs. however i have knack for finding worth shooting with my cam.

  8. samanthamj says:

    You have a good eye… those are great shots. I hope your parents were happy with the little bit of paradise you found, rather than the original place you went out looking for.

    And, I guess I’m not a blogger… cause, this chick needs her time off sometimes… =)

  9. sulochanosho says:

    Yes, blessings come to us in millions of disguises and unasked ways; we ‘see’ it only if we have the ‘eyes’ to see it. Many times despite abandant blessings showered on us, we tend to grumble and our blocked blind eyes fail to see it.

    A good pond, nature, butterflies, water, greens there – worth pondering.

  10. chris says:

    Take off our blinders so we may see the moment around us.

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