blogging Friendship Award

I was just passed the Blogging Friend forever award by Annie. Annie is busy with Ramadan right now. Her site: “successes With Language” is Aimed at discussions on Language, Development, and Childhood education.

I’d like to thank the Annie for the kind gesture.
So I now must choose 5 blogs to pass my award to that i respect for their  conscientious towards community.

* UNTREATABLE ONLINE…. Untreatable is Mental Health Blog with resources, personal Experiences in Mental Health, and a growing directory of other Mental Health Blogs.

* BLOGGING FROM THE BLOG… An Irish Journalism Blog which focus’s on Irish news, World politics and Human rights abroad.

THE MELINDAVILLE BLOG… The thoughts, perspecive and memoirs of today psychologist who spend time in the in the  rock and roll life style in her past.

SAVE OUR FOREST … tips and education how to live a greener life and keep our planet around a little longer

* LIVING WITH STIGMA… Objective view on Mental Illness  and Stigma from a consumer. this blog has many resources and is educational to those who want to more about Mental Health.

I enjoy all these blogs and i  believe they all have existential value for any of their readers.
Thanks to all of them as well as Annie’s.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

3 Responses to blogging Friendship Award

  1. Thank you for the mention. I do not participate in Meme’s but the gesture is appreciated. Take care

  2. Jo says:

    Thank you so much Chris!

    Stuff like this can keep me going for ages

    Break time’s over, it’s time to get things moving once again.

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