I breathe therefore I am

Breathing is the center of our being and wellness… Quietly simply put: If you stop breathing you wont live very long.
Breathing is a important part of our metabolizing ,our Nervous system and our  bodies “Fight or flight” anxiety response.
Thus  the process of breathing directly impacts the process of thinking, as well as most other bodily process.
I think therefore  I am? well I breathe therefore I am

A simple exercise:

remembering not to worry about how fast one counts:
remembering not to worry if misses a count.

exhale  4-3-2-1-0, Inhale 1-2-3, continue to repeat.
after a couple minutes slow down the counting

end whenever one wishes, but give it about 5 minutes.

This  simple  breathing exercise can be helpful in an anxious moment; for momentary  stress management, or focusing ones thoughts when they feel momentarily “scatter brain”

I learned this simple wellness tool in a doctors office Years ago. I was feeling the symptoms of BiPolar Disorder I: in this case anxiousness and the intrusive inability to focus my thinking. I was not able to even speak clearly, that day. A mental Health nurse taught me the simple breathing exercise above .
We did it together and I was able to focus my mind for a period of time.

I would hug that nurse if I could finder today.  She helped me find  one of the most important stress management tools  that   I still use  to this day.
*Click here for a short list of Breathing exercises I use today.

Breathing exercise are not only a helpful form of stress management, They are a free and complete portable tool… one can even do them in a crowded room with no one noticing.

Today my experiences with Breathing Exercise has greatly helped me what understand meditation is. (and what it is not)
In my case today I use Zazen (zen meditation) and Mindful meditation primarily.
breathing exercise and meditation are not just for consciousness, they a great help for over all mindful and physical well being.

About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

10 Responses to I breathe therefore I am

  1. Piggyback says:

    Interesting article. Definately made me think..

  2. Yoga and meditation is very helpful for you to find your inner peace or center. This allows us to avoid the fight or flight incidents.

  3. sulochanosho says:

    The irony or paradox is that we human beings have perverted and polluted even our natural breathing in our mad greed and rush for extreme success and grabbing, creating a cut-throat fight and competition, and now we need to simply go back home: BREATHE NATURE/ BREATH NATURALLY. We have to unlearn our bad breathing; we have to relearn our original breathing. Yes, there is a close or core proximity between our “life” and “breathing”. It is through breathing that we are connected to the existence. We know very little of the functioning of the existence. We know more about making and grabbing things at any cost.

  4. Stress is probably the #1 killer in our society today but you’ll never hear a peep from the scientific comunity about it. They don’t want to tell us that we are killing ourselves for profit. Teaching people to relax and meditate is therefore unpatriotic and anti American. You should be ashame of yourself!

  5. chris says:

    @ sulochanosho:
    I cannot find a citation for this, however…

    I have read that as infants we actually do breath naturally,
    unconsciously we learn bad breathing as we grow out of infancy.
    I hope to post on what our natural breathing is soon…
    As soon as I can figure out how draw diagrams ( and properly cite and support)


    @ the Buddha of Hollywood
    I have received strong negative reactions about meditation previously myself. I have actually seen people comment on blogs that meditation is “Dangerous” or anti American or the “work of the devil”.

    My present experience in Health is that the medical community is opening up to meditation for health purposes more and more (despite no money in it!).
    Also,”Deep Breathing exercises”… previously prescribed for those with lung problems, are now encouraged for Anxiety disorders and for stress management.

    I am not a fan of the “Deep Breathing Exercise” because it is taught as a rigid technique and is therefore misleading. However I think it is a positive start for those seeking Wellness…

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  7. timethief says:

    I have been practicing meditation since I was in college and throughout all those years I have heard the craziest things from people about meditating. The fact is that I cannot cope with stress effectively without meditating daily. Moreover, nothing else is as effective as meditation for lowering my blood pressure, relaxing my body and shifting into a conscious state.

    When it comes to breathing exercises I learned from my medical doctor that our lungs fill voluntarily. A vacuum is created and the air flows into our lungs without us consciously choosing to draw an in breath.

    I have learned several breathing techniques over the years, but the one I most prefer to use when preparing to meditate is the Buddhist technique of simply following my out breath without changing it.

    Lately I have been on a political tangent and I can assure you that nothing will create stress more quickly than dipping ones toes into American politics. I have to remind myself several times daily to get away from the keyboard and into the fresh air and also to meditate (walking meditation). All of this hype will come to an end with the election on Tuesday. Then I do intend to re-focus myself and my personal blogging. In preparation for my return to the pathway I would like to invite you to write a guest post for my personal blog. What say you to that?

  8. chris says:

    i would be honored to to submit a post for your site Time thief. I will contact you soon. :)

    My experience with suggesting breathing exercises…
    Some people seem to get more anxious when they meditated on their breath when they attempt a breathing exercise for the first time.

    so I usually suggest the breathing /counting exercise first…. Then to explore breathing and meditation further on their own— if it fits.

    As an American I to and both anxious and excited about Tuesday. a good day for meditation.

  9. tanya says:

    I think starting and ending your day right is also very helpful – that you get by sleeping properly. People don’t take advantage of sleep the way they should, it’s something we should do naturally enough hours in a day but we don’t and if we did we would be a lot better off. For people who can’t do it without some help, i suggest using sound to help. Cool gadget on http://www.pzizz.com.

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