DSM, mental wellness, and other buzz words

Rumors have circulated that a new  DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is in the works.
The DSM is a standard for Diagnosing “mental disorders” in most of the  medical world.
Such disorders as Bipolar disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Personality Disorders, etc.

The term “Disorder” is a  bit vague, as theses diagnosis are given based on listed symptoms and behaviors.

I myself was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, because I meet the criteria of symptoms for Bipolar Affect Disorder I.

I would think it is more accurate to call it Bipolar “Syndrome”…Every person who is diagnosed with Mental Disorders has unique group of symptoms.The terminology is really for treatment, more than pidgeon hole  condition.
I have grown tired of telling people “I am Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder” or the ultra-ugly phrase “I am a Mental Illness Manager. Quite frankly most Mental Illness managers are far less ill then “normal” folks. So I have been thinking about the word choices.
Holistic terms such as “Wellness” or “Mind /body wellness” have caught on, as of late. I like these Buzz words and I am  now suggesting they be incorporated into the DSM 5 .

I am now using these phrase at my Pennsylvania Echoes Blog:
Mental Wellness Management instead of “diagnosis with Mental disorder.” …or the inaccurate term “Mental illness”
Just the Same Mental Wellness Recovery and occasionally  Bipolar wellness management and so on.

Mental Wellness is part of whole of Wellness Management just as my body wellness is. I manage them as one.

I hope the creators of the new DSM catch on to this idea.
please leave your suggestions  for  your own buzzword choices.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

3 Responses to DSM, mental wellness, and other buzz words

  1. tdsupport says:

    Interesting buzz words.

  2. Rilriia says:

    Hi Chris, I thought you might find it interesting to know that :

    ‘bipolar’ is actually a cutesy non-offensive term that (thus far) lacks the stigma of it’s former name, Manic Depression.

    Biopolar, furthermore, is in itself the current buzz diagnosis. If you watch mental health trends, every decade or two brings a new “everyone’s got _________”, which is really funny, because the DSM (in every edition) states clearly that the diagnosis should be reserved for those people who are in the heavy symptom spectrum. The DSM also lists (with every diagnosis) a list of other possibilities. Most psych tests can actually determine the validity of bipolar.

    But even better, everyone is bipolar at some point. You, me, God. We’ve all had those times of a really high mania, call it the cat ADooohshiny, if you will. We’ve all, also had those really low lows. Worse if we’ve had tragedy impact us.

    The bulk of the mental health community are frauds. They start with antiquated ideals (some from less than reputable sources, take Freud for instance….), they adhere to those standards, usually set in the very chaste Victorian era and incorporating ideas founded in Renaissance ages (such as a person’s views on religion, gender or sexually-orientated roles -there are those who still view effeminate men as being inferior- , and again views on sex).

    At the actual office, tests are not given across the board, or by people trained specifically or solely in the mental health field, you sit down with an ACSW -someone graduated from the Academy of Certified Social Workers- or an LSW -Licensed Social Worker …or Lego Star Wars, take your pick!-, or a CSW -Clinical Social Worker- and talk to them for about 45 minutes to an hour. They then do the diagnosing: usually Axis I – V (each concentrating on various parts of the brain and the mental illnesses they are thought to hold domain over (for lack of a better way to phrase it….. (For more info on credential standings,g o to: http://www.aboutpsychotherapy.com/Tcredentials.htm )

    This is about the time I opt for the Lego Star Wars because it’s safer and cheaper in terms of grief and misery…. But you’re then shuffled to a Nurse Practitioner (NP also APRN – Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), who may or may not be trained in mental health but because and only because they have more medical training than an RN (Registered Nurse) and can write scripts.

    Now, I love my NP, she’s amazing. She’s better than most family doctors. And cheaper! And can think outside the box on a lot of things, is holistic in favor of meds or surgery. BUT I don’t want her diagnosing my head problems. She’s not qualified. She’ll tell you that too.

    An actual psychiatrist will only sit with you for 5 minutes biweekly or monthly to listen to how your meds affect you. Meanwhile, s/he signs off on some huge list. Other than your therapist, which may not be an actual licensed therapist but a person diversifying from social work into the mental health field (which is common in Maine, where I live), this is the only mental health professional you’re allowed to talk to!!!! And it’s only for five minutes! Ten if you’re lucky and can start a conversation.

    This is why they have buzzwords. It saves on confusion by untrained, under-qualified people!!!!!!

    So it gets even more ridiculous, if you’re on psychotropic meds (heaven help you, and I mean that sincerely), think about several things: the side effects, the length of time spent studying in controlled tests the drug and it’s effects 20 years down the road on the body and mind (you won’t find them because they don’t exist with the exception of maybe ten drugs, Ritalin, Prozac, Trazadone, Thorazine, and a few others). And think of how you can’t just take one drug! You need drug B to counter the effects of drug A and drug C to address the depression that neither A or B are countering. ( Some great info can be found at: http://www.antipsych.com/ )

    ….In fact, while we’re at it, let’s increase drug A by a few milligrams because it’s not working the way we think it’s supposed to and we’re worried that you’re suicidal. (The fact you weren’t suicidal when you came in, prior to all the dope makes no never mind and we’re not taking notice… We’re also going to ignore the fact that depression is a normal part of the human condition and that everyone goes through it, even to extended periods. We’re not going to tell you to go outside and run or jump or play because endorphins are free, and we want money. Yours, the insurance, that doesn’t matter much to us either. And if you end up with renal or kidney failure in a decade or four because you took the meds, hey that’s your fault too, unless you join a class action law suit, but we’re gonna make it hard as hell to find out what’s been recalled or discontinued outright because we care about you. *insert used car salesman smile here* Oh, no vitamins, no herbal remedy because Mother Nature cannot match what we make in a lab out of synthetic toxins…erm uhm…. synthetic replicants of the best stuff found in nature.

    ….Oh, don’t eat healthy either. Eat the genetically modified foods (made from GMOs -genetically modified organisms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_food or http://www.saynotogmos.org/ ) and ingest as much fast food and snacks as possible, because while they certainly are bad for you, they also cause bio-chem imbalances that affect your mood and mental health ( http://www.sustainweb.org/foodandmentalhealth/about/ ). Oooh, before I forget *insert jazzy used car salesman finger snap* drink lots and LOTS of tap water. It’s the new dumping ground for all sorts of meds, toxins, and god knows what other crap because it’s not filtered to remove it.

    Ever wonder why the mental health industry has boomed in the last 15 years while traditional hospitals have been closing? Or why you cannot CANNOT go into an office and walk out without a script unless you flatly refuse? How about how trendy it is to be defined as a person by your special illness…. Your blog is very similar to so many I’ve seen. Or how you can live in a town (like the one I live in, for instance) and everyone is bipolar. Seriously, everyone. I’ve had people come up off the street and tell me about their illness.

    Mental health is big business my friend, and while I don’t doubt you have problems (being human and living in today’s world and all), you’ve been conned.

    And this comes from a woman who grew up in a very abusive home, was bounced in and out of the juvenile system of two states, was homeless in one of the largest US cities before the age of 14, lost two children, had a back injury at work that had me paralyzed and on the constant brink of homelessness for years– and that I’ve recovered (for the most part) from ON MY OWN. You’re talking to a woman who is fighting a system gone mad to get back to work, and to find truth. I take no meds. I need no meds. I have depression, I have sadness, I have unholy anger and rage because my life has been pretty messed up–and very little of it was my doing. However, I also have joy. I have a beautiful family, a beautiful home, there is spring outside and my plants are doing wonderfully. (I’m a bit behind in my school work, but whatever, the essays -what I was working on when I found your blog- will finish when they do.) But they–all these things–are mine and mine alone. And I will overcome them too. And on those days where I have to fight my sadness to get out of bed, or my back, or (a lot of the time when it happens) both, I will overcome it myself because I have the tools within me to beat my problems. And you do too.

    It’s all a scam my friend.

    • chris says:

      thank you, Rilriia for sharing your experiences and frustrations.
      The primary reason for I keep this blog is to share ideas (breathing, meditation, journaling, charting, etc) that cost little or no money, that may may aid in peoples health, and encourage fellow consumers to maintain relative control of their health, So they may avoid the less fortunate and most frustrating experiences of the “mental Health systems”.

      Thank you again for sharing your experiences.

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