A new social attitude

Fear and Greed
Fear and Greed
Conditioning to succeed
It’s all happening down on Wall Street
Taught our children
to ignore life’s simplicity
confusing ‘desire’ with meeting needs
conditioning to succeed
conditioning to compete
Its all happening down Wall Street
It’s all happening as we speak
Fear and Greed
until we Bleed
I’ll teach my children to succeed
far away from Wall Street
with the earth beneath our feet.

Wall Street Doo Dah” , the poem I wrote a while back is not to blame anyone for the social ills of America.  Its about my dissatisfaction with our mainstream values.

I believe that we Americans, as a whole, have  desired for   wealth in our personal life and have desired  for financial status… both way too much..We have feared anything that would take away from those desires. Fear and Greed.

We have also believed myth that the politicians, alone will solve all our problems. And we have believed that the economists will use their math to keep our wealth protected.
This Attitude of Fear and greed has caught up with us, the belief that the “other guy” will take care of our problems has caught up with us.

Judging by the exciting and warm greeting of our new president, Barrack  Obama’s, inauguration many people are looking for a new attitude and a new set of values.

(Peter, Paul, and Mary preforming Bob Dyan’s
The Times they are a Changing”)

I was watching this youtube video posted by cskwan and remembering Obamas call for everyone to pull together and pitch in to work through are social and economic difficulties.

I am writing down a short list, thinking about what I do well and what I can do to contribute. I proudly pay taxes of course, but I am making a list to see what more I can do how I can contribute more physically and socially and cast away the old attitude and values of “Fear and Greed”…


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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