Arthritis and Charting Health Problems

Well I’m just chart- tastic this week. and I will post the last chart for a while.

I manage Arthritis. and  the symptoms can be intrusive. When my Arthritis flares my joints are slow and achy and I have serious nerve pinching problems that were greatly due to the  Arthritis.

Since I have taken my health more seriously over the years, I have had less and less symptoms…. and pain and today  Arthritis is mostly inconvenience. I  do mobility exercises, Tai chi and swimming.  I also ,use journaling and meditation  to  live with pain. I discovered with meditation that my own thoughts of anticipating and dreading pain actually make the pain worse.

The tightening of my body do to stress seems to increase symptoms. I have learned to live with my health problems and not fight them… this is a big part of my wellness management.

arthritis-management-chart-pictureI have created a  simple chart for Arthritis Management. The idea of charting is to gain awareness over a health problem over a period of time. Learning about Such things as triggers both external and in the body  making living, coping and growing with our health and health problems much more manageable.

A downloadable PDF copy is available by clicking on the link below.




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I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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