Fun With Gestalt images


A Gestalt Chalice

When You look at the Image above which do you see first?
the white silhouette  figures of two heads ?
or a black Chalice?
or something completely different?


  • How bout one to the Right?
  • The image of a womans Face?
  • or a the profile of a jazzman saxophone player?

Gestalt psychology was introduced by Max Wertheimer  in the late 1800s. The  first fundamental is:  we perceive  in organized  groups or wholes.

In the pictures above are mostly black and white  blotches. we see a chalice faces or a saxophone player through a holistic process called  “insight”.
are eyes  take in the black and white undefined shades,
This stuff is compared with our memory, expectations and the rest of the biology of our brains…
reificationand  we organize the images into the form of Faces, Jazz men  triangles that we see in these images.

If you see a Triangle in the left image, you will note that the three lines of triangle are not even in the picture.

A very simple way to explain  this holistic process of forming  the “gestalts” in these images are:

This simple graph of how we perceive…
becomes more complicated if as we try define “expectation”, “Biology”, and “memory” and learned behaviors separately in this graph, also if we represent conscious and subconscious with circles. Express this entire over  a period of time, a graph can be quite interesting.

just for fun try the following:
Red,  Black,  Yellow, Green, White,  Orange.

Quickly  say the Color of Each word… (not what the word spells out)



Find this difficult to say the right color?  supposedly this is because  are stored knowledge of learning colors,
is in a different part of the brain than,
where the brain stores the learned knowledge of language. This creates a conflict when trying to communicate whats observed.
What a complicated process perception is!


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I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

4 Responses to Fun With Gestalt images

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  2. deepeabee says:

    The stroop effect (naming the coloured ink rather than the colour of the word) happens because reading is automatic (if we see a word, we automatically read it) and the problem arises because we are asked to not do the automatic thing but concentrate on something else (name the ink).

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