zen meditation and poor planning.

I was meditating outside in my yard today, in the nice warm sunny Pennsylvania afternoon. After zazen meditation,… a quite period period of letting go of thinking and staying in the here and now… I became aware of something…

I forgot to put sun- screen on.
I will point out that this was a bodily awareness, as I could feel the heat of my sun burnt skin.
perhaps a little rational planning could have been handy before my meditation– a period of letting go of rational thought, today.

I thought I’d take this time to explain, in laymans terms to descriptions of thinking, that we generally integrate together. Empirical testing and Rational thinking.

*empirical thinking is done by testing.
scientific testing in a lab, trial an error,  “common sense” or personal experience

*rational thinking is done by comparing data to already determined principles.
Math uses theorems, planning and abstraction use  logic, argument and systems previously tested.

The following are examples of the difference in production:

empirical – “If it works don’t fix it
— something “works” is true, because it is tested in real time, as “working”.

rational: “why does it work… How can I make it work better
–finding the  cause of an effect (the work in the previous  example)… to plan to make improvements of the effect. in rational thinking  logic and used planning are used.

Both ways of thinking are important to be integrated together. For something to be truly Scientific: rational planning  and empirical testing  are used together, along with objective observation.

Some people are better at rational thinking, i tend to be much better at empirical testing and experience.

Today I have learned empirically, by testing and experience… sitting and meditating in the sun leads to sunburn.

Next time i can rationally plan to sit in the shade.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

2 Responses to zen meditation and poor planning.

  1. yoshizen says:

    Whatsoever happened or encounter whoever or anything,
    just deal with it in your best on that instant.

    Intuition of first moment tells you what to do.
    If you couldn’t give helping hand to the person at once, or throw an equipment which started fire out of the window straight, or grab a hand of the robber who draw a knife.
    You are having ” Wise calculation of ego “.

    Strangely, when you do or live selflessly, you gain more.
    ( But of cause, if you expect to gain, or having even a hint
    of this idea you can’t get any)

    ( I’ve been trying to figured out this phenomenon—-still
    I couldn’t get any explanation. Only I saw the facts )

    • chris says:

      an old saying: “go with your first hunch.”

      This is because, when we a “second-guess” ourselves are rational mind is often acting as an ego defense..

      When make a momentary decision with our hunch, intuition or “core” (as the existentialist philosophers suggest,

      we are making a momentary with our full body/mind.
      We have millions of years of evolution that created are full body/mind to make good decisions…

      As far as being “selfless” I ,that believe is peeling away the ego defenses… . We experience the outside world integrated with our inside world

      when we let go of the defenses that we call “self”.
      perhaps thats why “we gain more”.

      Thank you for your provocative comment,

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