Mental Health Work Books And Me

The following is a post: “Mental health Work Books and Me:”
from a small mental health consumer blog that I had.
The  consumer health blogs  are  closed at the web site.  However I think this is important enough to me to repost on Pennsylvania Echoes.

Mental health WorkBooks and Me.

Posted by zenpen
March 14, 2009

One of the most useful tools, I have come across, are Mental Health Workbooks.

I have managed a Bipolar Diagnosis for nearly 8 years, And At one point I was Diagnosed With Panic Attacks As Well.

I spent a lot of time and money doing Cognitive Behavior Therapy with little success for what I put into it. (I would have much greater success with Gestalt Therapy )

I would not entirely dismiss the C.B.T point of view for my Bipolar management.
I would find the concise and relevant points in a Bipolar disorder Management Work book, without the fat.
Preview this book

The Bipolar Workbook -by Monica Ramirez Basco

is a great book and tool for any person  newly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, in my opinion. I think the book encourages the reader to take control of their disorder by learning to reduce their symptoms…. just as Cognitive Behavior Therapy is suppose to do.

I particularity like the sections on “thought errors”. The reader is encourage to identify common “thinking errors”… that may aggravate symptoms. The readers is encourages also to make plans and carry them out to correct “Thinking Errors” when they occur.

its “identify it, catch it, correct it.”

The earliest step of living with Bipolar Disorder, is coping… I think the Bipolar disorder Workbook can be a great tool for that.
Considering the price of a Therapy session,  I think this book is worth checking out.



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