meditation witnessing the breath

I like this  meditation tutorial video:

(video is credited to and post at Youtube by Sunnyisfunny.)

This gives a step by step guide to a meditation very close to Zazen (or Zen Buddhism meditation).
I also like the phrase “witnessing the breath“.  While meditating: one does not concentrate or force oneself to be conscious of an anything. Meditation is a witnessing of  being. an observation without any judging.
I , during the process of meditating: I witness our posture, body breath…. and then finally…
the active state of being.

*the first step of meditating is sitting comfortable place: It can be a chair or in a floor in a preferred leg position.

When sitting it is important to be in a relaxed and confident body posture. I am very conscious of my back and neck posture. Sit and witness the posture.

* the second is the breath.
I do ,at the beginning of this step,st  consciously breath below the diaphragm  and count each breath backwards from 10 to zero. This is done in Zazen meditation, contrary to this video,… its not necessary, its an aid.

The important thing is to witness the breath. let go of the chattering mind, questions of why… or judgement on how… or how  I am breathing.
The chatter of the mind can be quit persistent. and When I witness my chattering thoughts I simply return to the breath.

Stopping here can be a good meditation. simply witnessing the breath and letting go of  thought  is good for stress relief and clearing the head.
but I go further.

the third step is just being.
witnessing our posture/body senses in and outside/breath/surroundings as one active state. witnessing just being.
This can be difficult at first.   When meditating is a new experience: the body tenses up. one might witness some aches and pains, also so some anxiety or emotions.. sometimes after meditation thinking seems to speed up temporarily. This can be overwhelming until one gets used to meditating.

It is amazing how something so simple as meditating can be difficult… at least first.
In my humble opinion meditation is requires discipline and repetition. the process of learning good meditation is something to witness!


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I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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