Arthritis Management Chart on Scribd

Since I have taken my health more seriously over the years, I have had less and less symptoms…. and pain and today Arthritis is mostly inconvenience. I do mobility exercises, Tai chi and swimming. I also ,use journaling and meditation to live with pain. I discovered with meditation that my own thoughts of anticipating and dreading pain actually make the pain worse.

The tightening of my body do to stress seems to increase symptoms. I have learned to live with my health problems and not fight them… this is a big part of my wellness management.
I have created a simple chart for Arthritis Management. The idea of charting…..

From my Post:
Pennsylvania Echoes::Arthritis and charting Health Problems.

I have come to believe that managing health conditions such as my Arthritis, in which no fix or cure exists: it is helpful to think Holistically.
That is, paying attention to not only the body, but the mind, body, environment, spirit (for those who are spiritual) as they are integral parts of us.
Arthritis physical pain begets mental stress and sometimes depression and vice versa… temperature and dampness can affect both mind and body.

previously I have posted:

— the PDF  is downloadable for free… click the link  above .


It is now accessible on Scribd:

other health charts are available on the Charts tab of this blog.


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