Clearing my mind with Purging to Paper Journaling

We all need to vent some times.  We need to get things off our chests.
Our minds maybe filled with thoughts, anxieties and it needs to get out.
Its a stressful world we live in
Perhaps we need a friend to talk to.
But what if we are somewhere where we have no one to talk to?
What if we don’t believe we can talk to someone about what is on our mind?

The form of self therapy I  favor most is writing and journaling…
Journaling can take many forms and
may include meditation, creativity or venting
… it can be done with pen and paper or into a voice recorder, etc.

When  I need to vent and there is no to listen I can always turn to :

Purging to Paper!
Purging to Paper Journaling ” is  basically just venting  out or purging  what is  ones  mind… through pen…… and onto paper.
This  can be a cathartic experience and is useful when one feels overwhelmed and needs to vent.
Here is How to do it.

  • Have a pen and paper (preferably scrap paper) handy at desk, bed stand or even in pocket…. so it is available when needed.
  • When needed simply write and purge out what ever is one is thinking at the moment… from the mind to pen to paper, staying in the moment with energy.
  • Do not be concerned with grammar, spelling or writing logically or coherently  with this exercise, or how fast one writes… the idea is to dump every thing from mind to paper .
    There is no need to stop and look at what’s being written.
  • If one can’t get started… perhaps they are thinking “I don’t know what to write”… well: write “I don’t know what to write…”.
  • When one feels confident that they have exhausted  all they can write..
    then STOP,  breath for a couple minutes.
  • Finish journaling with writing a couple coherent and positive statements to end on. Affirming “I statements
  • Now  my favorite part of this therapy exercise… ripping the paper that one just journaled   on, to shreds and throwing it away.
    (Its not only therapeutic to be able to be rid of those thoughts to help move on from them, one doesn’t want others to embarrassingly find there honest and confusing writing.)
  • Done.

Purging to Paper Journaling is done without judgment  with purpose of clearing ones mind.  this “technique” (loosely) can be incorporated  into meditative journaling or creativity and can be changed into how ever one wishes to experiment in writing.
Its also a simple way to learn to journal and incorporate  therapies into our stressful lives.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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