Freezing cold kitten to new friend scooter

January are pretty cold in Pennsylvania. The Temperature last night was a mere 14F. A little a warmer in the daytime before..
…However, still a cold day for me to lie on the icy street , under a minivan for a half hour without a jacket.
Worth the effort though. since I made a new friend this weekend.
(The kitten thawing out on the right by a portable heater)… all one foot in length, decided to try to stay warm by hiding in a mini van’s suspension. The still hot exhaust pipe was a complicated hazard in his rescue…I didn’t want to burn me or the kitten.

Funny thing about a frozen hungry kitten (who had been outside for at least several days on post- rescue inspection) they will quickly befriend one,
if one has cat food on his fingers for them to lick… even in a minivan suspension.

*I have a special appreciation for cats. They have noble independent spirit about them. They can be incredibly affectionate when they wish to be, and will spontaneously play at any moment. They quickly get over small fears, usually when curiosity over comes them… or the wish to bond with their friends.

Cats are truly in the moment.

Oh yeah  my story of meeting my new friend…

  • “Scooter” and I made into my home (up the block from the minivan)
  • Drank  an unbelievable amount of water and,ate a lot of cat food,
  • learned  the word “No” (after exploring the kitchen stove)
  • learned the  phrase “good boy” for learning to use the litter box
  • I then discovered she is a girl
  • Is  scared of going  near the front door (she seems content to stay inside)

And now somewhere between two states: trying to type this post
and demanding my attention all while sitting in my lap.

I will have to stop typing for now.
Say hello to Scooter.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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