Zac Browser for Autistic children and the future

Those who view and write Blogs and Web sites know that the Internet is one of the worlds greatest places for education  and resource.
They (We) also know that the Internet can be a dangerous place, especially for Children.

An  intriguing new Browser is popping up called the ZAC Browser.

The Zac Browser was originally Pioneered by a developer who’s grandson( named Zack) who was diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorder
at the age of 3.
The developer designed a primitive version in his Home after seeing his Zack (the Grandson) struggle to use a computer (Wiki).

The Zac Browsers purpose  is to be an easy to use browser interface specially design for an Special Needs Children to interact with it.
The Browser  virtually takes over the computer and only restricted content from the web to the home computer.

a tutorial posted on youtube by one2threeish

The Zac Browser is relatively new and I could not find a lot of documentation yet.
New content is added regularly to Zac and the product is free.
a couple issues:

  • How much exposure children should have to a computer has been debated for a long time.
  • Even a  definition of Autism seems still in a primitive stage.
  • NO browser or Software can be completely 100% safe.

With that said, Zac shows enormous creativity and potential for the future, as well as usefulness now.

(“screen shots” of zac were taken with my Camera)

The Zac Browser started as someones innovative solution in his home, so that others may have a solution and powerful tool in their home…using two of our best resources the computer and the Internet.

For more information and the free download of the free Zac Browser, visit their site:



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