Social Networking for the modern Phenomenologist

phenomenology is not  as concerned with a  constructed “self” , the volume one subject  displaces,or inward memories thoughts while in a presently analyzed field or environment,
What   phenomenology is concerned with  is: a subjects simple momentary interactions and subtle long developing contracts with other components and people… …within its daily environment and existence.

otherwise stated
Its not “who I am” or “who I add up to be
Its how I interact with -in  simple daily personal relationships, learn with momentary experience, and live with and share influence comparisons with other components in a “small bracets of existence”.

my personality is a present- centered communication.
So how does the phenomenologist, the Zen Buddhist, the Here and Now enthusiast make room for Social Networking… especially the popular Facebook and Twitter?

How do I explain to friends that I am totally inept in a world of interpreting status updates postdated,
slow public opinated conversations  in 154 character or less  bites or “tweets”,
the intricate subtle , unsaid, (and usually unintended, in my case)  social meanings assign to “signing someones wall“.
or  sizing someones  identity by their profile pic and info.

After all I spend a lot of effort placing meaning   in real time relating, present centered learning and cherish good conversation. I’m pretty damn good at it.

Yet I must learn to adapt or risk being forgotten in this electronic age of social communication. or worse be labeled a has-been.

Ok, I’m being a bit rediculous, but the fact remains the Social networking is different form a communication, and a lot of people
not just me struggle with it. their are certain nuances to learn.
more and more, one is  judged on how he/she  updates their status and at times identities seem be formed out of a series of updates.

Some important tips I have learned about posting updates in social networks thus far by experience.(humor)

  • Post too many heart felt honest updates when feeling bad…and your are being too negative.
  • Post too many humorous updates and you are being distant and hiding the “real you”.
  • Post too many long winded paragraph updates… and you are crazy.
  • Post where you are going to be.. and no one  else will show up.
  • Not Airbrushing or Photshoping your profile pic means your just not trying hard enough to impress.
  • How people inteperet an update is not neccarily the  intent of an update.
  • Posting complaints about social networks… and you are a whiny party poop.
    –this one I firmly agree with. thus I write my whiny criticisms  here.

I am still learning to talk in the world of today and I do put an effort into being Internet Sociable.
but for now if someone wants to “know who I am”  their just going to have to do it in an old school face to face conversation.

thus far, I am just one more phenomenologist (try saying that word three times real fast) … who is lost in the modern world of electronic communication.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

2 Responses to Social Networking for the modern Phenomenologist

  1. emanuel says:

    Really, there is nothing to worry about, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill, people aren’t judging your social networking persona, and if they were, so be it. It is usually their ego thing anyway. So post away without any worries, if they know you, then they know the real you, if you are marketing a product to strangers that is something else.

    • chris says:

      Well I maybe exaggerating, just a bit, however I still and will always feel more comfortable with face to face chit chat.

      thanks for your comment, Emanuel.

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