I {subject} observe  a  chair {an object}.

I see a brown wooden that looks aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. I see an object labeled “chair” in my language and it is used for sitting.

You also observed the chair. You and I agree that an object in our realities is a chair. We agree that its purpose is for sitting on;
We may also agree that the chair is brown, without knowing if my experience of “brown” looks like exactly  like your experience of “brown”.
You may not agree that the chair is aesthetically pleasing, however.

What We(you and I) objectively say is true about the this object (the chair), is an agreement of our subjective observations.

A Spider comes along and is now crawling on the chair. He may not observe a “chair” at all from his point of view. In the spiders reality, he maybe observing a surface with no experience of brown, aesthetics such as beauty, or knowledge of an object designed for sitting.
He has no chair in his reality, at least not like the chair in Your and My reality.

So we may agree that something as common as a chair that exists as a chair based upon our shared human experience or intersubjectivity, We learned to label objects that fill out our subjective reality by experiencing ourselves, by sharing, communicating, teaching, reading… and by we share ourselves.

In physics, our chair is complex organization of energy and the 4 forces, in a relationship with the stuff around it.
By definition, in physics, for something to be [objectively] real it must be measurable.(that is: what is real is measured).
A chairs displacement and mass are real. However, it requires something and someone to make these measurements, and observations, thus they are in a relationship with human consciousness.
According to modern physics, the chair is in a field with the observer (measurer) when being measured.

The problem we have with physics is that we cannot make scientific measurements of experiences such as love or happiness or growth ; constructs such as beauty; or the intent of an object such as a chair “to be sat upon”.
For such constructs, experiences, and phenomena, that are real in our day to day existence we may turn to inter subjective communications and empathy.

I/other” or “being/world” reality that other beings are living their day to day lives , such as you and your “being/world”.

From I(subject) observe a chair(object) or I:it

We move to the more complex I interact with you or
I:you or I: thou

We may share our experience to enrich and fill our inter- subjective existence.

Post Update and Revision:

This  I: thou diagram above replaced a more rushed version before.
Listed on the diagram are some tools for inter subjective communication:

  • Verbal and non verbal communication – the ability to clearly listen and observe while reserving ones judgment, also the ability clearly speak and illustrate one point of view and present meaning.
  • Relativeness or relatedness – ability to understand one and other.
  • Empathy – the capacity to share emotions and feeling with one and other, the way to compassion.
  • Education – the transmitting of ideas, knowledge, and or experiences with one and other.

….We may share our experience to enrich and fill our inter- subjective existence.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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