breath, existing, and contact

According to one thread of existential thinking, a person exists by separating “self” from “other”; and connecting and integrating ‘self “and “other” in his environment.
The meetings of difference of self and other is called contact and its process is where living takes in the present centered moment.

I ask myself:
What better method is there developing awareness of “contact ”boundary interactions between “self and “other”, than Zazen or Zen meditating?.

In meditation: one begins sitting, breathing naturally, and simply being whole,
Letting go of the the “shoulds”, “should have” and “might have beens” which are imaginary places in ones mind,
and become what is …in the here and now ; mind and physics together as one.

When I practice this form of meditating, I learn to be more aware of my body and mind together.
Like wise, letting go of the mentally decided contact boundary of “self” and “other” , for a short while  and I will be more mindful of the integrating processes of self and other, which takes place naturally during  Being or living.

After all, I enjoy my activities and personal relationships when I am immersed in them, when I am mindful of them as they happen. As I connect “I” to “other” in my life I have better understanding in my life by being mindful as things happen at the integrated boundaries..

breathing is the core of meditating, and to this thread of existential thinking I say, breathing is the core of existing.

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I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

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    I and Other , connection , boundaries

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