Two Videos on Meditation from Buddhism

Intro to Zazen Lama Surya Das

Two very good videos on Meditation, from Youtube. Both are clear discourses for beginners and novices on “how to meditate” and appeal to newcomers with either a modern or Western background.
Both make for a worth- while refresher course for those who have meditated for years. As D.T. Suzuki would put it: approach each experience with a “Beginners mind”  .

These two meditation instructional videos come from two different Schools within Buddhism who meditate.:
Left Video: Zazen mediation (from Zen).
As Patrick from Yogagarden states “meditation isn’t just for Buddhas and monks, its for everybody.” Zazen or Zen meditation is for a healthy mind and body, clear and focus thinking, and maintaining present- centered- ness and connection with our world. Its neither reclusive,nor elitist.

Right video: Lama Surya Das  from Lama (or Tibetan) Buddhism.
The Speaker talks of two nature of meditation : concentrative meditating  In-which one “sharpens” his attention span or mind, and “steady- mindedness” for a “panoramic attention”.

A couple tips on meditation I’ve leaned:

  • good posture is important: symmetry and confidence, but relaxed
  • I am not my  random thoughts.
  • Always a approach sitting with a “beginners mind” or Shoshin.
  • Don’t suppress, let things come and go
  • Meditating meets what ever needs arises during it.
  • Meditation is best regularly or daily, but every so many days I take a break from doing it.

I hope these two videos from the Web are a very good aid either attempting meditating or refine your mediation. I think they are both excellent Some other video are on my Vodpod at:.


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