Alan Watts talks the human game (revised)

Alan Watts speaks of  human game , where he states much of our anxiety is our temporal interpretation of a “universe at play”:

video (with background  music )posted at Youtube by Mrdandylionfave.

“In music… one doesn’t make the end of the composition, the point of the composition..[..]..Same in dancing, you don’t aim at a particular spot at the room and that where you should arrive, the whole point to the dance is to dance”

— Alan Watts.

Viewing life as a time line is a very handy thing to do.  it allows us to predict, and find casualty of events  in our modern life.It is  the core our modern thinking, with such as topics as “progress” and cause-effect science.  we have grown up with this thinking: refined in our educational institutions.
However the past and future concern can take us away from our “here and now being…. creating anxiety. Existence, states Watts, is something spontaneous and the universe is at play.
our most un-anxious being… is in spontaneity where we are not concern with our time lines.

This a revised post, since the origional youtube video was removed.


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3 Responses to Alan Watts talks the human game (revised)

  1. to me this speaks of the difference between masculine and feminine energies. We have ridden the wave of masculine energy for centuries now. it’s time for a shift, not to the exclusion of the masculine, but….

  2. chris says:

    Yes. and and to let go of some are “must Get- to- point- B from From-point- A” attitude.
    Thanks for your comment, CC JoSS.

  3. chris says:

    Reblogged this on Pennsylvania Echoes and commented:

    Alan Watts ans a Universe at Play —

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