Time is, in my estimation, fascinating concept. Time from, a first person point of view, is the consciousness of change.


Dali – surrealism

Time is not something we can hold in our hands or literally see.  As  we engage in observing  phenomena  change in displacement, position  and appearance in space,  we can measure these events over graduated increments.
Time is a rational organization of  observed changes in nature .

In Physics If we  study an   Event , such as a ball rolling from point A to B: We measure speed as {the change of position as the ball moves from A to B} divided by {increments of time} .
{distance}  divided  by {time} equals speed.
Divide the {change of speed}  by  {increments of time} and  we  get the acceleration of the ball moving from point a  to point b.
{distance / time} divided by {time}.
In fact many  rates  and  rates of change we measure, in physics, math, and economics are per unit of time.

Whats fascinating to me about time  is ,  although it  is dependent on something that is changing or happening in spatial dimensions:   Time, at its basic, is an conscious experience of change in nature. Time is measure of mind connected to matter… abstract to concrete. the simple equation of  speed D/T   or displacement/ time (increments of observable change.)

Relativity and Time Dilation

According to Albert Einstein, Time is relative to the speed that the measurer (apparatus, human consciousness.) is moving.  That is, a person who is moving very fast through space experiences the time differently than someone moving at a slower speed. The two  would not know this until the they compared  their  experiences. During their own respective experiences time will seem normal and the same as always. The comparison of two experiences of time relative to speed is known a Time Dilation.

Albert EinsteinStranger yet, replace the two people above with enclosed  “events” such as the ticking of  clock.  A clock who is moving very fast  –will  change or tick  slower–  than  a clock moving at a slow speed across space. This means the changing of an event in system that has a speed ,such  the ticking of a clock moving through space, has different rates.

Pie and Cosmic Cooking
Let say  I blast off in a spaceship moving near the speed of light and I bake a pie…and  that pie is supposed to taken hour to bake, according to its directions. Thats how long it take me to bake. But when I return to slower traveling Earth immediately after, it turns I have been gone for days or longer baking that pie, in Earth time.

“Special Relativity” implies that time is also a function with   rates of change  just like spatial dimensions. Einstein initially  defined  time as dimension.  If one moves along this  time dimension, they will note the changes of events in the   3 spatial dimension . The  four dimensions (3 spatial dimensions  X  time- as-a-dimension) of an object-event all have changing measurements  relative to its speed.  The only question that  I have about this time dimension, though measurable, is concrete or abstract ?

Phenomenology and Time

So perhaps in the first person point of view, the “consciousness of change” is a dimension, too. We do not have the ability to freely move in this dimension as we do in spatial dimensions, not easily anyway. but we can use it measure durations and cycles of events and systems.

In the Here-now philosophies (Zen, Taoism, some existential phenomenologies) one attempts to reduce ones awareness of time to the active moment of happening – the present, or now. The reasoning: we can make records of our lives of cultures with memories and history books  that coordinate Events over time, but because events are actively happening in the present, We wish to focus are attention on the present moment.

In  Zen meditation for example one is attempting to reduce change in that time dimension   to zero,  place his or attention completely on the  “now”… letting go of his.her sense of time for a brief period. Yet if we did not have a memory of moment before, or wonder about the moment after the present, we may  never not experience the happening of the world around us.
The real active experience of time is not only interacting with phenomena of the present moment, but the present memory of a past moment, else we would  never notice change.Thus the Here-Now is a bracket around the present centered moment, a small bracket of a personal dimension.

Our sense of time connects us world so we may intimately  experience it happening. and rationally understand the nature we live in.

(Persistence of memory — Salvador-Dali
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Persistence_of_Memory )


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