Simple Pranayama Breathing Exercise for Stress

The following Breath Exercise is based on simple Pranayama, an Indian Breathing exercise and meditation.
Its a great way to release  stress, anxiety or irritability.
Find a quiet peaceful place to sit, for five minutes to 10… Its best  to sit with a confident , but relaxed square posture.
Remember that proper breathing  is done with the diaphragm. Try the following:

  • Let out all  your breath…slowly,
  • hold your breathe and relax (for a couple seconds)
  • Take in a deep breath…. slowly,
  • Hold your breath and relax (for a couples seconds)
  • Repeat this  for about five to ten minutes.

Be mindful of breathing,
If thoughts intrude, imagine them floating away… and return to being mindful of breathing.
As with most breathing exercises, one can modify this, standing or laying down. its a good idea to learn it sitting first.

From  Youtube  “Simple Pranayama Breathing Pattern”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pranayama, is practice of controlled breath from Indian Yoga. With a commitment to regular practice, Pranayama  is a basis of Yoga meditation, that can be used to improver fitness,  health and wellness , or self realization and spirituality.

The simple and basic  version above, can be used as a breathing exercise for stress and anxiety management. I feel  sharper and a little more energized afterwards. This breathing exercise can be used along with other physical fitness exercise.

You might also be interested in the page:
Pennsylvania Echoes: Breathing
where some basic breathing exercises are listed.

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