When A Fellow Blogger Passes Away

relationary buttonnsWhen a fellow blogger passes away, the feeling is different,  than when someone I know in my day to day life dies.   Internet friends are connected differently. We talk about things that we don’t ordinarily do… with blogs and with social networking.  And yet when they are gone, I realize that we never really new much about each other.
Despite not knowing blogger “Relationary” in his real day to day world, I read his uncanny  thoughts on Geometry, Physics, Sociology, religion and psychology, and he read my uncanny hacks about meditating, existentialism, and  mental wellness.  It would turn out, we manage similar health problems and struggles.

So when I received word, via the internet that” Relationary” passed away, I was shocked. .
I  do not even know the details surrounding his passing, and I realize how little I knew of his life.  Yet he was as unconventional as he was bright, his blog reflects a creative playfulness, a graphical vision, rational organization when blogging about his topics.

I thought I would honor him by pointing to some of my favorite blog posts by him:

Induction, Deduction and Eight States of Change

On this post, Relationary explores  the nature of grief in his own way, graphically working out the “states of change”  post- event.  He  further  postulated the fluctuation in mood and emotion after a death, that is the grieving cycle,  maybe more universal as to apply to any shocking event or crisis.
Even more, some people get stuck in feed back loops after big life changes, shocks or crisis.
I have wondered, after reading this  if  one could draw similarities with Post Trauma.

Religion: Reciprocitism: A New Command I Give You

If you hate yourself, you will hate others in the same way…..
And so reciprocity in its current form is a curse to all of humanity.

Relationary  gives his own take on the ethic of reciprocity  (otherwise know as the “Golden Rule“)  He and I have come to the same conclusion with different words.  He says reciprocity and love,  I say reciprocity and dignity.

Mental Order for a Change

(Note: the link may load slow on slow connections, lots of images. )  Relationary coins his own term psychism: a term he uses for discrimination and stigmatization against mentally ill,  mentally challenged or disabled, or “mentally different”.   We all have differences of opinions on labels we give ourselves and we are all grateful to have a relationary to encourage us to research further.

Buddhism: the Four reminders.

Relationary blogged about religion and he understood religions major theme of death. We cannot escape death it is part of life.  With good fun intended towards Buddhisms Four Noble Truths he posted his “the Four reminders”.

We will lose some friends during our  lives.  In  our  world tied together more and more electronically,  different types of friendships manifest, but death remains the same. We remember are friends and as for death, we do not dwell on it.


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

2 Responses to When A Fellow Blogger Passes Away

  1. Jean says:

    Yes death is final. But what a blogger writes, if kept in blogosphere for awhile, is forever to be digested and read.

  2. chris says:

    A good reason to share with blogging.
    Thanks for your comment, Jean.

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