Arthritis Pain Management Charts, updated formats

 .Arthritis chart. jpg1  .arthritis jpg 2
 Word and Writer   PDF and Spreadheet

I’ve added to the free downloadable Arthritis Pain Management Chart:
The new formats include Doc(MS Word) ODT (Writer)  XLS (Excel)  in addition to the previous PDF version.

Arthritis Pain Management charts are a handy way to study triggers and pain symptoms for ones management with his doctor or health care professionals.  Simply fill out the chart once a day.
The downloads are free for use… as is.
for the downloads click on the links below:

Sorry.   Libre Office/ Open Office spreadsheet format not available right now.

More Charts are available on the Charts Tab on the menu above.


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6 Responses to Arthritis Pain Management Charts, updated formats

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  2. Jean Sager says:

    You continue to amaze me with the breath of your knowledge. Thank you very much for this very useful chart which can be utilized for other painful conditions like fibromyalgia and central pain syndrome.

    Best to you always.

  3. chris says:

    Thanks for your comment and compliment Jean.

    I did think about leaving the word “arthritis” off because chronic pain management is much broader.—But I went with what I know, which is Arthritis related pain.
    One can just ignore or cross the word off, if they wish.

  4. Marty says:

    Doctors or psychologists are kindergarten compete ours when we speak of pain management.

    I know I spent two years in a pain management group. many victims surrounded me with all the negative, overwhelming suffering they lived.

    understand there is pain andnthen we add our mental aspect and this is suffering. pain has a mental component doctors and therapists are completely clueless, I mean no idea. You can compress pain and limit pain as you use your own endorphins with aerobic exercise. They are clueless, I was told at five my my violent narcissistic father I would be a pro baseball player or die.

    Pain does no dmamge unless it reaches that high level we break before that all,is up for grabs, depends on your willpower. That is the only limit. A mind without thought, empty focused can accomplished miracles.

    pain is my friend it is a different relationship. You can oprogrammthe left side and integrate more and moremofmthe right hemisphere bringing equanamity.


  5. Bob G says:

    this is exactly what i have been looking for. thank you for posting it.

  6. chris says:

    Reblogged this on Pennsylvania Echoes and commented:

    Ⓟ pain management tracking templates for self awareness Ⓟ —

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