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This morning I helped a family member (Mom), use some accessibility features on her computer. It has become apparent to me, lately that many computer users do not know how to use some basic features for impairment or aid   when viewing web pages in a browser.
One of the best tools is  Page Zoom.  I  use zoom all time to increase text size and push ugly web page sidebars full crap out of my line of site. I use zoom in almost every web page I visit. Many users, especially older users or users with eye problems, will benefit   greatly from using page Zoom on any or all of the web pages they view:
If you are Using a PC with a standard keyboard, with almost every major web browser:(Internet Explorer, Safari , Firefox, Chrome, Opera) try the following:

  • Find the control key (usually “CTRL” on the button) near the bottom left of your keyboard.
  • hold the control button
  • now press the plus button ( “+” it might also have the “=” sign below)
  • Press it a couple of times.
  • now let go of the buttons

Your text should be considerably easier to read on the page.
You can zoom out on a page by substituting the minus “-” button in the instruction above.  You can restore text to the default view by substituting the zero button “0”
Notice those three buttons   + – 0 are conveniently  located  close  together on your keyboard..

For PCs with Windows or  Linux:

Hold {Control} press +
Hold {Control} press
Hold {Control} press 0
Zoom In and increase text size.
Zoom Out and decrease text size
Reset the Zoom to default settings

For  Apple using Mac:

Hold {Cmd} press +
Hold {Cmd} press
Hold {Cmd} press 0
Zoom In and increase text size.
Zoom Out and decrease text size
Reset the Zoom to default settings

If you are using Windows or Linux with Mouse with a scroll wheel: try holding {Cntrl} on the keyboard and moving your mouse wheel back and forth and see what happens..
☯☯ Go ahead.  See if you can push all the dead space on the sides and  even my sidebar out of the way of your viewing.  You can always change or reset the zoom to get them back. ☯☯
Along side the commercial use of the World Wide Web, exists the use for common knowledge and communication. Our goal should be accessibility for everyone, noobies,the seasoned, and those who need visual assistance.
With that said I use zoom all the time, without any special need. Its a handy tool to push clutter out of the way and focus on text.

  • Know your software. For more browser shortcuts, choose your browser and click the link:
Chrome & Chromium
Internet Explorer

happy browsing!


About chris
I write because I'm not good at it. I share because, writing without sharing seems empty. Thus, I write and share what I think is meaningful.

2 Responses to Page Zoom in Web Browser

  1. that zoom feature is great and one I only discovered last week from another blog. off to check your link to see what else I can learn. thanks.

  2. chris says:

    I’ve notice in scanning a couple tech forums, that many people are proficient at blogging and other things, but some how have missed learning how to zoom. Some people just forget about it.
    I use the feature on almost every web page.

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