Avoiding Roadblocks in Listening

Improving Listening Skills––

Pennsylvania Echoes

“Reflective Listening” is using  effective active listening skills, that encourage orderly communication and allow one to listen as objectively and un-coercively as possible to another who is speaking.
Reflective listening above all   – is about listening–  , and giving passive responses and reflection for clarification and encouragement…. as covered in the previous post:Reflective Listening for improved communication

Often when one is listening he or she feel compelled to respond. Without realizing, one is introducing his opinion, experiences, advice and assertions. these “Roadblocks” are statements by a listener that impede the progress of  reflective  listening. Learning to avoid and abstain from “Roadblocks” as much as one can, will make a person a better listener.

Roadblocks to Reflective Listening

Advising or Recommending
What I would do is…”        “What I think you should do is...
Perhaps, you should..

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