Workday ergonomics, floating and Fighting

Early writing – on the importance of
posture, flowing , and Ergonomics —
Dance through your workday!

Pennsylvania Echoes

A  kayaker    is paddling on a fast current river.
If he paddles up stream he requires much more energy to over come the resistance. He is fighting river current.
If kayaker paddles turns his boat to move with ther current. He requires little resistance and can move easily with the current. He is floating with the river current.
Fighting and floating.

In industrial jobs,like mine, a worker is often required to heavey repetive work.
I have often explain to the younger workers around me how to “float” in their job and not “fight”. It good to challenge ones self at a job, but over long periods of time,  one is better  off working with bodily efficiency , moving smoothly with as little resistance as possible.

Some of the young guys will pick up huge loads of material to load  machine. and Ram it into the machine.they have to load…

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