Some Definitons for Mental Wellness: Mindfulness and Delvopment

Extending vocabulary for wellness —

Pennsylvania Echoes

Just in time for the New Year. I thought I would share some of the ‘emotional grammar terms and their  respective definitions as I came across them in reading, recently:
These pertain to life long development, are in the opinion of various writers and by no means is this list of definitions exhaustive.
Just some definitions to be mindful of in the  Up coming New Year for me:

Dignity -a sense of self value and worth and the expectation of respect and ethical treatment from others.

Self – Confidence – A sense of control and mastery of ones:
body/mind/behavior, in and interacting with ones ‘world’. A sense that one more likely to succeed than not, while undertaking tasks.

Intentionality – the wish, will and capacity to have impact, and to act upon that impact with perseverance.
Related to sense of competence and (perhaps developing sense of purpose and…

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