Today,Right here, Right Now…Daily Affirmation Poster

This day —
Original affirmation post

Pennsylvania Echoes

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!
Stewart Smalley.

Al Franken created his affectionately  satirical character  Stewart Smalley
after visiting family support groups for recovering alcoholic.

Stewart Smalley was a charming and gleefully positive unlicensed therapist, whom, himself, was addicted to self help programs, twelve step programs, and therapy. He appeared regularly on “Saturday Nite Live”

One has to have a sense of humor about these sometimes, serious therapies.

After  reviewing myGreat achievers with Mental Illness Poster ,
and Fritz Perls: The Gestalt Prayer,
(and the spirit of gestalt therapy creativity!)….

…I have decided to get into the unlicensed Self help game too. (kidding)

today right here right now affirmation poster

So…anyway… here is my “Today, Right here Right Now… Daily Affirmation Poster“:
fill in the blanks with what appropriately comes to mind and say it out loud!
This is just for fun, and to…

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