Wu Wei and “moving with the flow” –reposted

无为 -Chi | 無爲 -Kor | Vô | 無為 -Jap

Pennsylvania Echoes

Wu Wei and “moving with the flow” was origionally posted on 3-24-2011

There are  a couple distinctions in  Taoist philosophy::

The Subjective: The way people interpret and describe the way things happen.

The Tao: the way things, or Nature, truly happen, which transcends human description.

A person’s reaction to “the way things happen” influences how he/she internalizes the way things happen.

great discrepancy between:

  • the way nature happens(or Tao), and
  • how a person internalizes the way things happens,

…can lead to stresses, and chaos.

According to Taoism , no person can fully know theTao, The universe, nature’s forces  and  ways of change… because the Tao transcend human senses, full rational dissection, and full description. (thus the “Tao is Nameless” other than “Tao”)

However. Taoism’s practice is interpreting, behaving(or not behaving), interacting, or patterning more and more with the way nature happens as it…

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