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Mood and Emotions chart in  now in Doc and Odt  format .
A Mood Chart is a simple tool that people diagnosed with Mood Disorders  such as Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Schizo affective disorder use from time to time, for tracking their symptoms and Affect mood level.

With the K.I.S.S (keep – it- simple-stupid) attitude in mind, a mood chart that can be made to meet any personal symptoms and then taken to to a doctor and therapist.

Why keep a mood chart?
Mood charts can give a consumer and his/her professionals a better idea of the cycling, symptoms and possible triggers of symptoms over a long period of time. Thus a mood chart is a tool for personal awareness and an aid for a doctor who is prescribing treatment.

From my post my post: Charting my Moods Bipolar
That post includes an example…

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