Cool Chick on a Motorcycle

Pennsylvania Echoes

motorcyclechick 2 motorcycle chicky. jpg

Yes that right. The chick in question was a fledgling robin.
The chick was probably learning to fly near his nest. ( a tall cherry tree grows just out of frame) and he/she ended up on the motorcycle (which I’m cleaning up), below. I almost didn’t see him, I walked right by the bike and the young robin never moved, nor uttered a sound. The juvenile looked pretty comfy there… ready to ride. I took a couple pictures since ‘e allowed me get pretty close, with no protest.
Young robins have a mix of white and red with dark spots on there breasts. they are fluffy with tuffs of feathers sticking up on top of their heads. this one had big feet and a big beak. No cycle helmet though. (legally he doesn’t need one in Pennsylvania to ride.)
An hour later the adult robins came around and ‘e…

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