Memorial Day and my Father on Good

Reblogged for Fathers day.
Happy Fathers Day !

Pennsylvania Echoes

That day, Fighting an unpopular In a foreign country, many of the soldiers of the same unit were split, fighting amongst each other. It was the late 1960s and like back home in the U.S. there were tension between races ran high… and sometimes violent.

This is the story as it was told to me.

At night mob mentality ensued. A group of white racist men-in fatigues were out to start trouble. targeting a fellow black soldier at barracks.
One man, outraged by this absurdity. stepped in between the mob and the colored soldier and angrily commanded them to stand down. Both the mob and this large imposing white man, (now intervening in defense of someone else), had weapons.

peace-symbol.jpgFortunately The mob did step down. Tempers cooled in the hot humid South East Asian night.

This story was not a surprise to me. In particular the actions of the tall…

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