Mental Health Poster Fixed… Again

retrieved from year 2008.
this is not a real poster. its a creative rendering of some high functioning people who were diagnosed or claim Mental difficulties.

Pennsylvania Echoes


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As I stated in my Post:

Pennsylvania Echoes: great achievers with mental illness poster,
I was making a poster. I have been pleasantly surprised that its been popular since I posted on this site.

Unfortunately I have had to fix a couple errors in it.(grammar mistakes)
With the way that image search engines work on the Internet, It makes more sense just to post a new one instead of replacing the image at the origional blog post.

The new, fixed poster (seen on this post) is also available at the Pennsylvania Echoes: Charts Tab.
It can be seen or downloaded in  Jpeg format or PDF format.


My next poster Idea: Great Achievers who are to Lazy to Proof Read.  :P

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