fanning the “Big Game” victory

Philadelphia Eagles played with a style of football that the “old school” football fan loves.
they line up, they dont mind “telling” what they are doing. – ” gwa’an  ahead stop us.
on and off the field the same swagger. Dictate the Game.
the coaches implement simplified play structures(relatively) the focus on exploiting the talent and synergy of the athletes. You would expect that Doug Petersons staff spends more time scrutinizing his Own athletes on film, then next weeks Opponent.

the Offense

last year the Eagles adapted the “zone blocking” scheme, as a scrutinizing fan, i believed they abandoned it because of the costly “holding penalties” on the line.  But, they kept the base “spread formation” (a style demands an excellent Center,) and keeps the play in front of the entire offense, lineman, QB, Backs and receivers.

the Defense

As with some remarkable NFL Defenses in the past, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay – the Eagles base is a cover-2 “one gap ” Defense. Again: the Defensive style keeps the play in front of the Defense, demanding the athletes to make plays. In passing situations, they spread the Dline formation. a line with exceptional talent, and force the oppositions QB to throw into high percentage interception lanes. in Fact, if the Defense caught their many dropped interceptions, they would have led the league in take aways. – room for improvement.
Getting ready for another successful year.


THANK YOU, Philadelphia Eagles for ANOTHER great Football season. it doesnt get any better than this one.


Some Soren Kierkegaard Quotes and Thoughts

“How absurd men are! They never use the liberties they have, they demand those they do not have. They have freedom of thought, they demand freedom of speech.”

I have been reading some Soren Kierkegaard quotes, lately.
He is one of my favorite thinkers, whos profound words would influence many in the following century. Academics Jaspers, Husserl, Heidegger, humanist psychologist Carol Rogers, and physicist Neil Bohr claimed Kierkegaard’s words as inspiring to them.
Here are some more quotes by the Great Dane:

once you label me you negate me.”
when one is being labeled he is objectified and dehumanized.

What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music.
As Laura Perls would later say: “without pain there would be no Art“.

KierkegaardAnxiety may be compared with dizziness. He whose eye happens to look down into the yawning abyss becomes dizzy. But what is the reason for this? It is just as much in his own eye as in the abyss, for suppose he had not looked down. Hence, anxiety is the dizziness of freedom, which emerges when the spirit wants to posit the synthesis and freedom looks down into its own possibility, laying hold of finiteness to support itself. Freedom succumbs to dizziness. Further than this, psychology cannot and will not go
The decisions one makes between: what he ought to do: his essence; his nature. and what he thinks he should do in preservation (dread) shape existence in Kierkegaard’s view. life is a series choices, the freedom in deciding comes with anxiety.
For Soren, ones essence or nature is his/her connecting to God. I wonder what he would have thought of Taoism or Zen, had he discovered it, for essence and nature are harmonizing with Tao and Buddha nature, respectively…. For the pantheist connecting with the Cosmos.

Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living.
Life is not just something to be analyzed from afar. the mysteries, hows and whats of life are understood by living or experiencing.

Do not forget to love yourself
Sounds so pretty simple. but read further:

In every man there is something which to a certain degree prevents him from becoming perfectly transparent to himself; and this may be the case in so high a degree, he may be so inexplicably woven into relationships of life which extend far beyond himself, that he almost cannot reveal himself. But he who cannot reveal himself cannot love, and he who cannot love is the most unhappy man of all“.
the path of happiness is authenticity. be true and find ones true nature, within and without and by living it. With that comes compassion,empathy, wisdom and love.

For more kick-arse Kierkegaard quotes  please check out this terrific blog link:
The Kierkegaarden.
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friendship and trust a greater communication

nothing is more intimate to me than trust.

Trust is the cornerstone of my personal relationships and most meaningful friendships.

In friendships, I am not overly concerned about loyalties.
friends come and go and comeback again… life throws people around, people fall out of touch and meet up again.

Friendships are not a matter of convenience or contract….”What can I do for you, what can you do for me”.
Friends do make gestures, help one and other. However, for me its not the as important as trust.

my first question, that  I think of, for potential close friend is

Can I trust you.”
Can we trust one and other one this topic and others“.

if we trust one and other than we are free to truly listen to one and other.
when we trust each other, we need not to be on our guards
We can than  really listen to one and other, hear whats being said between the lines of a dialog….
empathize without the need to assert ourselves with judgments.

Thats when we really get to know one and other
and influence one an other.

Friendship is one sense, another form of communication.

At its best friendship is  one of the most sincere, trustworthy and meaningful forms of communications.

love, Love, love

Happy Valentines Day!

The Beatles: “All You Need Is Love.”
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Love your environment.
Love your Neighbors.
Love your Lover.
Love your self


If I already Knew
I’d Be missing out
on the Adventure of Learning
The stimulation of mystery

The discovering of what
The tempestuous How
humbling error
Invigorating ‘aha

And when I see you
you’re always changing
the world is evolving
And I’m always engaging
The adventure of learning
while never fully Knowing.

two and a half men:my yin and Yang

My favorite comedy on Televison is “Two and a half men”. and I think the show is hilarious and brilliant.
It basically re hashes the old “odd couple theme” between to brothers, Charlie (played Chalie Sheen) and Alan (played by Jon Cryer)

Basically the show is a hilarious Satire on American Male, Each brother represents the polar extreme in male personalities pertaining to sex.

Charlie represents virile “bad boy”, the masculine yang, confident, womanizing and ruthless. These guys are always held in contempt for their misogyny, yet in high regard for their intensity.

Alan represents the “nice guy”. sensitive, smart, perceptive they are guys with a feminine Yin These guys are held high regard for their sense of responsibly, attentiveness, but held in contempt for their hidden lack of esteem.

Most young mainstream males in America have traits of both of this “bad boy”/”nice guy” dynamic. And usually they are pigeon holed as one or the other.

( a little therapy session for the two bros)

Somehow, from Puberty on up, I managed to be Both, at the polar extremes. I was extremely confident, intense, nasty and firey and competitive. At the same time extremely sensitive, perceptive, with the strange belief that I should treat a lady like a lady.

You would think I would be considered well rounded. Nope. I felt guilty for both sides of me, my Yin and Yang traits were always in conflict, I sent mixed singles to everyone and every girl, through my mid twenties.

Of course no one would clue me in, my guy friends (the bastards) didn’t wish to see me take control of my “bad boy side”. Women (succubus) didnt want to allow me to gravitate toward my “nice guy” tendencies. So no one said anything!
I could of use a show like Two and a Half men, fifteen years ago.

Today I have learned to allowed my masculine and feminine traits to flow with one and other. not so much in conflict. With gained awareness, maturity, and the letting go of many of my self judgements I am much better at allow my personality trades flow in integrated fashion. And having a neurotic sense of humor sure helps.

with the confidence I gravitate to my natural masculine side,

I love two and a half man, It is a hilarious send up of the war inside the American male.

tugging gravity

Thrown into this world
will be yanked when I die
The hands cradling the “between”
have always been mine,

until one day without warning
while paying no mind
my palms strokes gentle fingers
your hands sweet feminine.

and I would suffer all agonies
and tolerate the minds maddening disease
and get knock down and fall to my knees

… and get up again
… to feel the tug of war,

the bodies and hands of you and me
as we both wrestle never to be free
the tugging of our heart’s gravity.

Thrown into this world
I never asked why
Stick around for a while
and enjoy the ride
get lost in your smile
with your gentle hand in mine
stick around for a while
we have plenty of time…