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pathless path – I think too much.

Pennsylvania Echoes


A handful of photos of Paths or Pathways, or as above.. some ducks on their pathway. Click on a thumbnail to start the gallery view:

Walking the parks, riversides, or woods… I occasionally catch myself feeling a little ridiculous. Walking, or sitting on a bench or a rock: alone or with others: “being in the moment” – ahh..that pathless path…. I spoil it by reaching for a camera. Sometimes I even make sure to set the correct digital setting to correctly filter and capture the static moment. And then I feel a little ridiculous.

I think too much.

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Value & Meaning building

VMB repost –
#: esteem – respect – value – meaning

Pennsylvania Echoes

Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked.

__Viktor Emil Frankl

What is  “Meaning” ?
To me:  A personal  or subjective  experience in definition. for something to  be “Meaningful”  it must hold Value and– in my relationship with this something or someone, concept, goal, object, human or life-fom, I must “esteem” it to be more value in comparison to other somethings in a context, landscape or gestalt.


respect for or a high opinion of someone


 Admiration for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities.


the importance or worth of something for someone
how useful or important something is


  • meaningful… description of information, that is:
    • that is formed out of background of discord
    • that is…

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Broken Continuum

Aphex and Servant Lacan reblogged – sn*

Pennsylvania Echoes

On Obsession and the Rat Man Case – Jacques Lacan

Broken Continuum

From reading Perls and practising self therapy, I infer:
that the Ratman  is the underdog of a broken self  gestalt continuum [a natural top dog/ underdog integration]; the obsession on serving imaginary Hero or Authority ,is that sense authority has lost of his “whole-self”.
His severe lack of self esteem is projected or transposed, by ritual to esteeming an imaginary other.

As I interpret and infer, this routine, if intruding to his life: is an impeding disturbance at contact boundary
What the Ratman is projecting is of a wounded and buried Esteem, that serves in place of  Top dog or Authority over his day to day polarity and choices. this ritual may manifest its self at times as obsessive.

Apex and Servant

An alarming personal Dynamic is being promoted around the world…

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Decembering Philadelphia 1

Pennsylvania Echoes

Photography of Centre City (Down-town)during two evening trips..
Outdoor photography is a relatively cheap hobby,
A cheap and simple digital camera ($50 to $150 dollars) and a laptop computer.
Exercise, fresh air, and bumping into other pedestrians worth it..

Hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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I : thou

Pennsylvania Echoes

I {subject} observe  a  chair {an object}.

I see a brown wooden that looks aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. I see an object labeled “chair” in my language and it is used for sitting.

You also observed the chair. You and I agree that an object in our realities is a chair. We agree that its purpose is for sitting on;
We may also agree that the chair is brown, without knowing if my experience of “brown” looks like exactly  like your experience of “brown”.
You may not agree that the chair is aesthetically pleasing, however.

What We(you and I) objectively say is true about the this object (the chair), is an agreement of our subjective observations.

A Spider comes along and is now crawling on the chair. He may not observe a “chair” at all from his point of view. In the spiders reality…

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Labor Day Clearance Photography

reblog for spring (cleaning)

Pennsylvania Echoes

Pa white-tailed deer.jpg Pennsylvania White-tailed Deer

Just Some Photography I took outdoors in Spring and Summer:
See the Gallery by clicking on  any thumbnail below:

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Agnostic Conditions Reprised

Knowledge斈 Reality䷼ Uncertainty⯑ Meaning∫

Pennsylvania Echoes

Truth happens to an idea. It becomes true, is made true by events. Its verity is in fact an event, a process: the process namely of its verifying itself, its veri-fication.

When  I read what William James published in “The Meaning of Truth”  I believed he was refering to the truth of ideas proposed by a single person or group of persons, a single consciousness or a collective of consciousness within their existence(s).   One  constantly tests  his/her stream of ideas within present environmental experiences and social experiences, and then with his/her memory of experiences… to judge a notion true or  not.
Navigating this uncertain world is certainly easier  by  taking an Agnostic position in regards to knowledge, and a willing to do the work of verifying ideas:  in participation and in experience.  But that’s just my opinion.  So  to start with an Agnostic attitude, what…

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