Live Camera Stream oF a Bald Eagles Nest

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you can find the Live Eagle nest at

Pennsylvania Echoes

The Bald Eagle is making a big comeback from being endangered.
Recently I posted about viewing many Bald Eagles and other birds of pray near the Conowingo Damn in Maryland.   I was only able photograph an eagles nest (post here).
A friend of family recently sent me an E-mail of the a popular web streaming site (I do not know much about the site) the
Embedded from that site below is the live video stream (requires flash) of an Bald Eagles Nest. I view regularly over the course of a day to see the two adult Bald Eagles and three chicks. I think its pretty remarkable.

You can see the live camera stream of the Eagle Nest on theFull  Page of this Post.. If not already visible.
( I split this post  into pages so it loads in a browser faster.)…

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Fearing zero, with dizziness

its just control

Pennsylvania Echoes

Meditation is a journey. A path Inward, where one discovers more about the inner landscapes.
Occasionally zazen is stormy, my body and thoughts feel restless. Sometimes its just a quiet sit.
Often though, (especially if I am meditating outdoors) I reach a consciousness where there are no thoughts, no sense of time, the differentiation between smell, sight and sound, seems to lessen and lessen…

And suddenly I will quick ping of fear. The total loss of self consciousness is terrifying. Just for a couple seconds.
Through the journey of my inner landscape, I learn that I do not like the loss of control. That sensations of the outside world come in during meditation, and i fear it. I fear sensing the landscape without without my thinking- minds attempt to interpret and label what I sense.
Time: “shit! how long have I been sitting here!”


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Intersubjectivity and Interpersonal Brighter Side Repost

feeling into – (pro)active empathy ;
Perspective- taking – (pro)active – rational or comparative assessment ;
“otherness “

Pennsylvania Echoes

Intersubjectivity and Inerpersonal Bright Side” was origionally posted: dec 5, 2011.

Look upon other people and see that we are all  humans.  We  roughly appear to have the same forms and physics, the same sets of uniquely  human behaviors ( such as use of language). Upon deeper inspection, by biologists  who study DNA, There are traits and characteristics that are universally Homo Sapien or  human.
Meet and talk with other people and discover that people have cognitive differences of each person; Travel and note the cultural  differences of people.
If  you are one who has used medications and therapies for serious health problems, you will quickly learn the unwritten rule : “what works for one may not work for another, everyone is different“. One can infer each Homo Sapien is  biologically different from the next, Same  goes for their sum total of subjective  experiences. The…

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be a person

Pennsylvania Echoes

be vocal
be dangerous
be reserved, be ethical
be compassionate
be the rise of the day
be the setting sun
be the lows. tangents , the between
just be.

Be as you are – Fritz Perls


more of my humble opinions
ethics* self * needs * compassion * reserve * value *

founders GESTALT – existential humanistic therapies


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Wetland Photos-Summer2015 Egrets and Herons

As the cold weather of November 2018 seeps in i will say good bye to these guys. possible new photo blog next year

Pennsylvania Echoes

Photos of Blue Herons and Egrets I have taken recently.
both Egrets and Herons (including Great Blue, Blue and Green Herons) are common in Pennsylvania year round.

More information on Blue Herons:
More on Egrets:
Both links from the Cornell-lab of Ornithologist.

Similar Wetland photos on Pennsylvania Echoes follow the:

Have a great summer!

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Submissions in the Post Modern Life

( poem also @
cafedogs canteen)

Pennsylvania Echoes

I have grown up in the modern world. An I have chosen to participate in it. I have a car, a computer a Television. I live in a friendly, some times violent community. But as i enjoy the comforts of life, i am plagued by the anxieties and pains of the fast paced world.

Like most people, from time to time, I looked at our human history and evolution, and feel the desire to make peace with my elements. We will all die one day, our modern existence will end. We will all physically return to the dust, spirit, or energy that we are constructed of.
I see meditation is key component to find peace my body. It helps to relieve some unpleasant symptoms, that are rooted deep with in me the deep fear of death, and the intense will to live..

the hardest part of submission

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Daily Affirmation Poster Updated

“He tries to find the exit from himself but there is no door.” – D.S. |
Be who I am – Affirmation

Pennsylvania Echoes

Today, Right Here, Right Now

I am feeling _________________________
I am really good at _________________________
I value most of all _________________________
I feel anxious about __________________________
If i had one wish, one thing that
I’d like to see happen it would be______________

I check my head , I check my breath
And I know everything will be alright.

Fill in the blanks.

the origional version I made of  poster like this …on a post where I boasted my Stewart Smalley like, “the- joy -of- the-therapy” attitude towards mental wellness… well that poster had a typo.
So I’ve posted again a new  “grammatically correct” version, and one with pleasant background, hopefully you won’t nod off. So that make two new posters, yes two.

click on the icons above, and if wish to download them right click after that.

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