Why do i do breathing exercises? well they are a healthy free and
completely portable form of self therapy, meditating aid,
prayer or discipline in correcting mind and body.

are exercises that i use in breathing. Perhaps in sharing, these can
inspire self therapy and meditations for whom may read this.

when inhaling alway tuck in the diaphragm,
and expand the lungs up through the rib cage.
breath with the belly

A simple starter:

* exhale and count 1 2 3 4 5

* repeat breathing.

* on each exhale think on slowing the counting down and
lengthening the breath

* 1 2 3 4 5

* countue for five minutes or so



* Sit in comfortable position. Kneeling is traditional, but not necessary.

* Begin to be aware of my breathing.

* Shift my breathing so that I am inhaling through you nose and exhaling
through your mouth making a “hahhh” sound as you do so.

*Visualize that my breath is a circle –
in through the nose and out through the mouth.

* thoughts intrude on my awareness of my breath simply imagine they are
puffy clouds that i can choose to allow to drift on their way and then
refocus my attention on my breath again.




* Start by putting one hand on my chest,
and one on your abdomen (just above my navel).

* Inhale slowly and deeply through my nose. Try to direct the breath
downward into my belly, so it pushes up the hand resting on my abdomen.

*The hand on the chest shouldn’t move much at all.

* Exhale through the mouth making a quiet whooshing sound.




* Sit or stand in a comfortable position,

* emptying my lungs as fully as possible by exhaling through the nose as
i pull the abdomen in as far as i can.

* Holding this for five seconds.

* Inhale slowly through my nose, pushing my abdomen way out to let air
enter the lower part of my lungs.

* Continue the slow inhalation by also expanding the chest
as far as possible and then raising my shoulders as high as possible,
thus allowing air to enter the higher area of my lungs.

* Hold the breath in my lungs for a count of five, allowing the oxygen
in the air to be fully absorbed.

* Slowly exhale as deeply as i can, relaxing your shoulders and chest
and contracting my abdomen to expel as much waste-laden air as you can.

* Hold this for five seconds.

* Repeat the whole breath cycle ten times or so, pausing between cycles if necessary.

* Be aware of how full of energy my body feels when i finish.



* sitting with good posture or lay out flat and strait

* Exhale fully

* Breath in , fill the lungs fully, and feel the ribcage expand

* Exhale thru the nose with a low slow controlled hum

* Become aware of my humming only
* Squeeze out as much of my last breath/hum with my belly

* repeat with breathing in. continue this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes




–this exercise helps me correct and discipline my restless mind
and concentration. basically a form of daily exercise

* sit or lay with good posture.

* Inhale (with the belly) and exhale slowly and smoothly.
continue breathing this way.

* count each breath to myself: inhale “1”, exhale “2”,inhale “3”,etc

* anytime i become aware of a new thought (other than my counting):
start the count over at “1”

* once my count reaches 10 i hve finished with the exercise.

* its easy to get frustrated with this exercise or not be able to count past “1” or “2”
without a thought invading. patience this is a discipline building exercise



* in this exercise I can lay comfortably or sit on a chair… A postition where I where my breathing isn’t restricted.

* I allow my self to breath naturally.

* I now just observe it. (I might imagine it as a a wave as rises and falls)

* There natural hiccups or quick changes in my breath
— I am not trying to change or control my breath just allow my body to breath as it does.

* I explore my breath and observe it. Its natural bumps and occasional quick gasps.

* thats it… Judging the way I breath or changing the way i breath is not a goal here. Its just observing and being with my breath.

* if some physical feelings come.. such as anxiousness.. I just observe me body breathing and feeling.

* I can do this as long as I want.



— In A Stressful, Anxious , Angry or Explosive moment… breathing can be a therapy

* first Stop!–your feelings are of the moment walk away if you can.

* Inhale and count 1,2 , 3

* exhale and count 5,4, 3,2,1,0

* continue to repeat — At first, it is ok to be racing as one is counting and breathing. go as fast as you wish.

* As I becomes more aware of my fast counting/ breathing…

I slow down my exhale… 5….4…3…2…1…0 — with each breath.

Gradually slower counting with each breath

The body’s Nervous system is wired to relax on exhales..
Focusing and extending exhales will slow thing down in a pinch. eventually your body will just naturally inhale.



breathing mantras

breathing and concentrating on phrase can be also be soothing, peace finding or spiritual.
examples i use:

*(IN) breathing the universe in…(EX)breathing the universe out
*(IN) Breathing it in…. (Ex) Letting go of all thoughts
*(EX) I am Safe … (IN) I Feel free
*(IN) Tuning in … (EX) Lettin go.

i often switch the words i use from the INhale and Exhale to
relieve the perceptual duality of breathing.

Breathing promotes better discipline when done often.
But testing and being creative with different exercise, discovering one’s
own breathing exercise….
ultimately promotes better intuitiveness



I am factory worker.. Not a doctor. I am also manager of health problems
and i have to manage stress like everyone else….
…. and i used breathing exercises for almost a decade now.

Please feel free to copy these and explore breathing exercises for your self..

please feel free to link to this page if you think it is beneficial to others..

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