Submissions in the Post Modern Life

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I have grown up in the modern world. An I have chosen to participate in it. I have a car, a computer a Television. I live in a friendly, some times violent community. But as i enjoy the comforts of life, i am plagued by the anxieties and pains of the fast paced world.

Like most people, from time to time, I looked at our human history and evolution, and feel the desire to make peace with my elements. We will all die one day, our modern existence will end. We will all physically return to the dust, spirit, or energy that we are constructed of.
I see meditation is key component to find peace my body. It helps to relieve some unpleasant symptoms, that are rooted deep with in me the deep fear of death, and the intense will to live..

the hardest part of submission

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Daily Affirmation Poster Updated

“He tries to find the exit from himself but there is no door.” – D.S. |
Be who I am – Affirmation

Pennsylvania Echoes

Today, Right Here, Right Now

I am feeling _________________________
I am really good at _________________________
I value most of all _________________________
I feel anxious about __________________________
If i had one wish, one thing that
I’d like to see happen it would be______________

I check my head , I check my breath
And I know everything will be alright.

Fill in the blanks.

the origional version I made of  poster like this …on a post where I boasted my Stewart Smalley like, “the- joy -of- the-therapy” attitude towards mental wellness… well that poster had a typo.
So I’ve posted again a new  “grammatically correct” version, and one with pleasant background, hopefully you won’t nod off. So that make two new posters, yes two.

click on the icons above, and if wish to download them right click after that.

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My Zen and Empiricism

wheel – see what happens.

Pennsylvania Echoes

Zen, originally Ch’an , is a practice within the frame work of Buddhism and ancient Chinese-Asian philosophies. Zen practice includes meditation, experiential learning and academically deconstructing language (if it is assumed that language is a vehicle of truth). Thus with Zen, the importance of doctrine and texts falls below the former in priority.

The Buddhist presence in Zen is found Zen’s strategy objectives:

  • to let go bad ideas and attachments;
  • to be with the true nature of things; events; happenings… or “Buddha-Nature” ;
  • to end or reduce angst and suffering.

Inferred from ancient Asian influences, of early Taoist philosophy: the best way for one to experience the nature of things, is to focus on the present moment at hand.– thehere and now.

Kill the Buddha

Embrace nothing:
If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.
If you meet your father, kill your father.
Only live your life as…

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Meet Cixous Mantid
Meet Cixous Mantid the philosophy quoting praying mantis!
Praying Mantis have always fascinated me, and are always welcome in a garden are yard with flowers. Praying Mantis love to hunt aphids near roses.

unlike the movie The Naked Lunch … Cixous the Mantid memes will always be lucid and coherent.
Cixous Quotes Søren Aabye Kierkegaard in her first installment

Defense mechanisms. Talking and Listening

focus : active : reflective : listen

Pennsylvania Echoes

example of a of  a mock therapy session on “Defense mechanisms“. and a great job by the participants of this video.

Note that the lady on the right is using a passive method of conversion  called Active Reflective Listening

Active Reflective listening is

  • Focused on listening to another person who is in command of his/her speaking
  • ‘Active’ because the listener stays focused on what is presently heard in real time (here &now).
  • ‘Reflective’ because replies are meant to be minimal and passive.
  • Coersive response during active reflective listening allow the other speaker to explore or clarify what he has spoken.
  • responses are kept minimal,allowing the speaker to be free and control of his language.

Common Defense mechanisms.

Colloquially, defense mechanisms are the common responses, including thoughts and actions, (and perhaps attitudes) one experiences when he/she feels threatened, fatigued, unconfident, or insecure.
Usually they are useful, some can be…

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Now I am Aware of – Fritz Perls in workshop

Pennsylvania Echoes

Today’s Gestalt Therapy, A humanistic approach to psychotherapy, evolved and matured out of the experimental workshops of cofounder’s Fritz Perls and Laura Perls. In session, the gestalt client’s aim is to “Get out of their heads”, or the computer thought process as Perls has stated many times. Its method is to experience the awareness continuum , that is happening right now — body into the sensory field. This method of experiencing awareness includes experiencing the awareness of how one avoids awareness and sensing in his world.

The exercise in the video (posted on youtube by Marin Tataru) demonstrates “becoming acquainted with the on-going process of awareness.” in another words, mostly talk about process in the video, for the purposes of explanation and instruction.
Give it a shot:

Now, I am aware of…

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Symphony of Rain

sitting and connecting with rain (zazen )

Pennsylvania Echoes

So busy doing other things, some times I forget the beauty of therain. Its not until I “sit” do I remember. I already was sitting — on the front porch playing chess against my android device on an otherwise “dark and stormy night”. Tired of that I just “sat” in theZen definition:
Sitting, on the same porch on bench: posture square, straight… confident through the shoulders but relaxed; Legs straight with feet flat on the ground. I should point out that I was covered in bug repellent, so I felt safe from the army of mosquitoes of the damp night.

Soon the sound of the rain filled my awareness. The sound of droplets against asphalt roof and asphalt road with the grass, bushes and flower beds in between: quite a symphony.
Then I could fill the touch of the cool damp breeze. My thoughts meandered to other…

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