Diversity and Individual freedom

What would be the point of championing personal “freedom” without championing “diversity”?.
How can one talk of how fervently he or she values their own ability to make choices, have control of his world view and life styles, what actions they take today and in the future, without regarding the freedom of choices in others?
If one wish to advocate to others his / her ” personal freedom” : What is in it for his audience if they can’t have this same freedom for themselves?

Please excuse my rhetorical device…. No one actually to told me that they disdain diversity today . I am just entertaining the idea that social diversity and personal freedom go hand and hand.
After all, I expect that a large group of people, a community made up of individuals who enjoy their freedoms , would result in a community made up of individuals who act and think quite differently. — potentially a diverse population. I couldn’t possibly advocate personal freedom, without advocating the freedoms for others, the freedom to be different in some way than others.

You see, in my estimations , We still need to include group ethics in a conversation of freedom of the individual. Freedom is contextual, there would be no need to talk of civil liberties of persons (or other critters) if their was no one else around.

I champion the ethics of reciprocity and dignity , the golden rule : treat others as I would wish to be treated; expect the same in return; expect that all sides are esteemed. Its a cornerstone of individuality and diversity in community.

If I demand others to tolerate my personal freedoms in choices in belief , attitude and action then i must tolerate other’s freedom in choices of the same.
To do so is to expect that another may have a different lifestyle, way of thinking, way of being, then my own. If we are not trampling on each others dignity, well -being, or personal freedoms this should work out fine. To respect one and another, does not mean we have to like every aspect of one and other.  To do so is to respect and expect diversity and personal freedom.


blogging Friendship Award

I was just passed the Blogging Friend forever award by Annie. Annie is busy with Ramadan right now. Her site: “successes With Language” is Aimed at discussions on Language, Development, and Childhood education.

I’d like to thank the Annie for the kind gesture.
So I now must choose 5 blogs to pass my award to that i respect for their  conscientious towards community.

* UNTREATABLE ONLINE…. Untreatable is Mental Health Blog with resources, personal Experiences in Mental Health, and a growing directory of other Mental Health Blogs.

* BLOGGING FROM THE BLOG… An Irish Journalism Blog which focus’s on Irish news, World politics and Human rights abroad.

THE MELINDAVILLE BLOG… The thoughts, perspecive and memoirs of today psychologist who spend time in the in the  rock and roll life style in her past.

SAVE OUR FOREST … tips and education how to live a greener life and keep our planet around a little longer

* LIVING WITH STIGMA… Objective view on Mental Illness  and Stigma from a consumer. this blog has many resources and is educational to those who want to more about Mental Health.

I enjoy all these blogs and i  believe they all have existential value for any of their readers.
Thanks to all of them as well as Annie’s.