images of authority and God

“shes black ”

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“we are in rebellion against the authoritarian father “

-Alan Watts

Alan Watts discussed the “the specific nature of authority”, that is the absolute truth of the way things are or happen .

“to be substantial is to be underlying “

as it relates to space (depicted as black). this is a “Yin and Yang school”( 陰陽家/阴阳家 ) and early Taoist concept that Alan chooses to apply to the imagery of Deities.

Kali 1770

This discussion focuses on “the specific nature of authority”, that is the absolute truth of the way things are and happen , and as it relate to imagery and art different faiths
” shes black ”

what ever floats your boat

I live in a “mix” of faith in my community. its pretty evenly agnostic (including apathetic agnostic ) and different Christian denominations.
Christians tend to believe in transcendence to the standards of God spoken of in “the sermon of the mount” . Their authentic standards are judged against God,the Bible New Testament teachings. this maybe in the afterlife or during life.

Agnostics , Deists and Atheist are not particularly organised, many like it that way, they follow the law and/or their own standards of authenticity and such.

Buddhists are of many flavors. Alan Watts has been popular reading in North America pertaining to Humanism , Humanistic Psychology and Buddhism ..

Humanist simply put high priority on humans.
Humanistic psychologist almost all wish for a Human race that suffers less.

Zen Buddhist believe that although absolute truth is UNknowable , the “Face of Gods” as no more than metaphors, they practice “being” with the true nature of “the way thing happen

she is black

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into the frying pan-theist

we sure love labels.
I am no longer telling people i am agnostic when they ask me about God. It is much more accurate to call me a Pantheist.

I still believe that mans knowledge is limited, there by rationalism is not necessarily empirical. And that absolute certainty is unattainable by man. I mostly concerned with the existential, after all it is where life takes place. and i still respect the dignity of others, and serve to encourage the conceptual autonomy of others…so i am still humanistic, ethically.

you may label me what you want.. but i guess i will tell you i am a” pantheist existential-experiential humanist post-mod”… if you ask. I also like football. and i like meditation…
nothing has really changed, but I thought I’d clarify.

next post: about the two categories of meditation in my daily life.