Data Panic – Luxury, Needs and Responsibility

Riding home after the big game on Sunday, on the back road in and between Philadelphia: from I-95 to virtually unknown industrial roads.never once had to glance at the phone device. … google-maps.. miraculous!
Calculating every traffic delay, and a few misses in lane shifts to getting to the exits in the dark night of four lane highways.
What a luxury! necessity? well Google-Maps, OpenStreetMap and such could save lives, not just traffic delays and frustration. I thought of this powerful voice companion map application. I thought of the safelink “Obama phone” which truly can save the life of the disabled and old person, grabbing for his phone to call 911 in a fall or a health emergency. What technological might: to save lives, to clear the path of bottle neck traffic for ease stress when trying to navigate crowded dark roads and highways.This is the age of computer aided man.

Sadly, there lies is a flipside to all this modernization more than just a loss of old few values. As technology firms reign supreme offering new offering new luxuries and filling a few voids in necessity, they seem to be ignoring the abuse of their products.
No Cell phone or hand gadget is safe from being hacked, or digitally intercepted. not one.
not one password typed on a cell phone or a gadget is safe from being safe
no data moving from a gadget to Global positioning, or internet satellites. although not proven yet, even cell towers are suspect – especially since bad guys use ” virtual cell towers ” all over the world. they maybe keeping data on Americans, Canadians as old as ten to twenty years.

My Story.

2014-2015 I regularly contacted Google about a Email database breach and fraud. I discovered that no humans responded to tech support. the best they could was offer a volunteer at a google forum . The very company who commanded everyone to use there real name on accounts,offers such high tech software such as the google maps that guided me home. there is no one to talk to about there own comprised software.meanwhile: they marketed laptop software to families with children.
since 2015, reports that they are trying to do businesses in countries that have connections to Hackers of both American AND googles software. Let me summarise that. Google actually ignored reports of breaches and fraud in their own country, and rumoured now to be doing business in the countries that hackers work from.To my government (US) even had to report an internet and cable high jacking of one of their (googles) parent-contril level DNS. no response from the government.

…science without ethics is sociopathology.To say, “I’ll apply what I know regardless of the outcome” is to take absolutely no responsibility for your actions. –Quote by Bill Mollison

The disturbing trend is that technology firms seem to be, more than just ignoring there products massive security holes reports on the internet have suggested that technology firms have move to silence their critics. Comcast a Cable monopoly that manages cable and wifi hotspots across America purchased a News broadcast company in 2011 that regularly is caught broadcasting disinformation and partisan politics over Television. I wonder has there ever been a time when a monopoly had so much power in America and to be openly engaging in politics and slander.

the big question


Cable and internet firms and businesses continue to ignore high level threats , if not lend there equipment to the worst kind of people. people who wish to keep a tab on your actions for decades. and not for your assistance. no these people want to rob you. and in many cases surround children with the darkest intentions.

All the while the application and email company ignores the breaches of its data bases, the cable company joins in on disinformation and political campaigns.the Cable company is ominously centerd in the city of Philadelphia where i watched the football game.
South East – Delaware the path of many of the U.S corporate Head-quarters.East and North East – New Jersey to New York City. thats 15 million people.and West. well we will save that for another post on how Tech firms maybe ignoring a plot that will end environmentalism as we know it – possibly effecting even all of Europe west of Russia.

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garage and musak -Kurt Cobain

Canadian Interview

Cobain spoken of his artistic profession, and the non-artistic hassles of entertainment business, and clears some misinformations of inspirations ans such. From my fan readings of art guilds, its appears to be still relevant. Social observations of “coercions” such as alleged forced “trolling” forced stalking from fans, slander, pirating is a problem that goes on today.
Musicians, actors, and soon “INTERNET celebrities react by seeking protections of including lawyers and security.

Today more people understand the street theater and “mobbing” consciousness – perhaps Cobain was a victim of it, as it is alleged about the music business (put a finger on that ). plausible scenarios:

  • the musician faces harassment, the harassment COULD have been provoked, this is not the musicians problem directly, but the reaction is to hire lawyers, security, etc.
    The emotional and social pressure can affect the artists art and personal life and health.

word-music interwoven

Kurt Conbains and Nirvanas releases stand as integraded woven Gestalts, neither the music or the lyrics stand alone as half the quality of the whole of any song. thats my estimation.
Cobains influences include early folk-blues Woodie Guthrie and LeadBelly, as he cited in his interviews; Early REM, Leonard Cohen, and amplified deconstructions of Sonic Youth and the Raincoats.
Some of my Favorite Nirvana Hymns as

  • ” In Bloom ” -the lyrics remain as fresh and topical as when written
  • ” Come as You are” – disarming friendship song
  • ” Mollys Lips” – crisp cover of the Vaselines
  • ” Aneurysm ” – long time ago my alarm clock was set to wake up to this song, Daily
  • ” Sliver ” – child frustration at grandmas house

The “Priest” They Called Him – collaboration between Curt Cobain And William S. Burroughs, spoken of in the interview can be found at

This Machine – Apologetic Angst. “Rape me”

The lead singer and songwriter of the music band NIRVANA, spoke of releasing rape me do his own desire to clarify earlier masterpiece as “Polly” Cobain felt his art is out of context and that he is misunderstood. All though this was true of casual fans, his most loyal fans understood the his work completely. perhaps fans of T.S Eliot “Waste Land” understood its narrative style.
(“Polly” is a daring peace of art, where the musician perspective-takes , the detached emotions and reality of victimizing, and very probably mental ill psychopath.)

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana

Nirvana formed circa 1987 and is best known as a trio,that included Kurt Cobain (1967-1994), Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl
Album hi-lites, my opinion, Bleach, Nevermind , Incesticide , In Utero
and the Live Cuts: “MTV Unplugged in New York” , “From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah” , and “Live at Reading”
video and outline of interview (on youtube page)

Burke, Balanced Anarchy and the Internet

A segment of James Burke’s TV show “The Day the Universe Changed“.
Here, from the mid 1980’s Burke predicts the Internet. It is a profound importance of the  Internet that it remains a communication medium where no privileged view should dominate, a communication of heterogeneous voices. – a global pluralistic  intersubjective forum that remains defiant of  the tyranny of any one way of thought.

Starting in my earliest teens,  I love science. My father loved History.  Growing up, together  we watched James Burke’s TV shows like Connections and The Day the Universe Changed  — The former a fun look at the history of science; the latter the history of knowledge.  I am still mad I missed meeting James Burke when we gave a lecture at a near by University.  I was in High School at the time of his visit to my hometown.

  • There are and have been, many ways of thinking and problem solving;
  • politics and culture  coerce world-views;
  • no one paradigm fits all circumstances;
  • systems of thought maybe, at times, means of control, and at other times maybe a means of freedom. freedom that leads to gained autonomy.

This I have learned and I credit James Burke, in part, to this education.

In 1992, On a college mate’s   computer , I saw the World wide Web and Internet for the first time.  I was blown away.  I started by playing a video game.  It was  downloaded to my friends Amiga in Pennsylvania from a server in England… in minutes.  Silly, but the potential was obvious.  I think a few young people take the Internet for granted.  To me, It was of the most important developments I ever witnessed.

What has the the Internet has come to be?  a  means of  communicating disinformation as much as it is  communicating “truth”  from any personal perspective.  But that too is  lesson in freedom and intersubjectivity.  An  individual has a choice what to believe or reject, without being told so by authority. An individual must seek out his own means of verification in   a sea of   data, and his own means of deciding what is meaningful, unimportant or outright bullshit.
I still welcome the chatter of many ideas.  I welcome the freedom  of discovery and ignorance without being told what to think.

The Internet is important.
And so is James Burke  :)

When A Fellow Blogger Passes Away

relationary buttonnsWhen a fellow blogger passes away, the feeling is different,  than when someone I know in my day to day life dies.   Internet friends are connected differently. We talk about things that we don’t ordinarily do… with blogs and with social networking.  And yet when they are gone, I realize that we never really new much about each other.
Despite not knowing blogger “Relationary” in his real day to day world, I read his uncanny  thoughts on Geometry, Physics, Sociology, religion and psychology, and he read my uncanny hacks about meditating, existentialism, and  mental wellness.  It would turn out, we manage similar health problems and struggles.

So when I received word, via the internet that” Relationary” passed away, I was shocked. .
I  do not even know the details surrounding his passing, and I realize how little I knew of his life.  Yet he was as unconventional as he was bright, his blog reflects a creative playfulness, a graphical vision, rational organization when blogging about his topics.

I thought I would honor him by pointing to some of my favorite blog posts by him:

Induction, Deduction and Eight States of Change

On this post, Relationary explores  the nature of grief in his own way, graphically working out the “states of change”  post- event.  He  further  postulated the fluctuation in mood and emotion after a death, that is the grieving cycle,  maybe more universal as to apply to any shocking event or crisis.
Even more, some people get stuck in feed back loops after big life changes, shocks or crisis.
I have wondered, after reading this  if  one could draw similarities with Post Trauma.

Religion: Reciprocitism: A New Command I Give You

If you hate yourself, you will hate others in the same way…..
And so reciprocity in its current form is a curse to all of humanity.

Relationary  gives his own take on the ethic of reciprocity  (otherwise know as the “Golden Rule“)  He and I have come to the same conclusion with different words.  He says reciprocity and love,  I say reciprocity and dignity.

Mental Order for a Change

(Note: the link may load slow on slow connections, lots of images. )  Relationary coins his own term psychism: a term he uses for discrimination and stigmatization against mentally ill,  mentally challenged or disabled, or “mentally different”.   We all have differences of opinions on labels we give ourselves and we are all grateful to have a relationary to encourage us to research further.

Buddhism: the Four reminders.

Relationary blogged about religion and he understood religions major theme of death. We cannot escape death it is part of life.  With good fun intended towards Buddhisms Four Noble Truths he posted his “the Four reminders”.

We will lose some friends during our  lives.  In  our  world tied together more and more electronically,  different types of friendships manifest, but death remains the same. We remember are friends and as for death, we do not dwell on it.

Social Networking for the modern Phenomenologist

phenomenology is not  as concerned with a  constructed “self” , the volume one subject  displaces,or inward memories thoughts while in a presently analyzed field or environment,
What   phenomenology is concerned with  is: a subjects simple momentary interactions and subtle long developing contracts with other components and people… …within its daily environment and existence.

otherwise stated
Its not “who I am” or “who I add up to be
Its how I interact with -in  simple daily personal relationships, learn with momentary experience, and live with and share influence comparisons with other components in a “small bracets of existence”.

my personality is a present- centered communication.
So how does the phenomenologist, the Zen Buddhist, the Here and Now enthusiast make room for Social Networking… especially the popular Facebook and Twitter?

How do I explain to friends that I am totally inept in a world of interpreting status updates postdated,
slow public opinated conversations  in 154 character or less  bites or “tweets”,
the intricate subtle , unsaid, (and usually unintended, in my case)  social meanings assign to “signing someones wall“.
or  sizing someones  identity by their profile pic and info.

After all I spend a lot of effort placing meaning   in real time relating, present centered learning and cherish good conversation. I’m pretty damn good at it.

Yet I must learn to adapt or risk being forgotten in this electronic age of social communication. or worse be labeled a has-been.

Ok, I’m being a bit rediculous, but the fact remains the Social networking is different form a communication, and a lot of people
not just me struggle with it. their are certain nuances to learn.
more and more, one is  judged on how he/she  updates their status and at times identities seem be formed out of a series of updates.

Some important tips I have learned about posting updates in social networks thus far by experience.(humor)

  • Post too many heart felt honest updates when feeling bad…and your are being too negative.
  • Post too many humorous updates and you are being distant and hiding the “real you”.
  • Post too many long winded paragraph updates… and you are crazy.
  • Post where you are going to be.. and no one  else will show up.
  • Not Airbrushing or Photshoping your profile pic means your just not trying hard enough to impress.
  • How people inteperet an update is not neccarily the  intent of an update.
  • Posting complaints about social networks… and you are a whiny party poop.
    –this one I firmly agree with. thus I write my whiny criticisms  here.

I am still learning to talk in the world of today and I do put an effort into being Internet Sociable.
but for now if someone wants to “know who I am”  their just going to have to do it in an old school face to face conversation.

thus far, I am just one more phenomenologist (try saying that word three times real fast) … who is lost in the modern world of electronic communication.

Zac Browser for Autistic children and the future

Those who view and write Blogs and Web sites know that the Internet is one of the worlds greatest places for education  and resource.
They (We) also know that the Internet can be a dangerous place, especially for Children.

An  intriguing new Browser is popping up called the ZAC Browser.

The Zac Browser was originally Pioneered by a developer who’s grandson( named Zack) who was diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorder
at the age of 3.
The developer designed a primitive version in his Home after seeing his Zack (the Grandson) struggle to use a computer (Wiki).

The Zac Browsers purpose  is to be an easy to use browser interface specially design for an Special Needs Children to interact with it.
The Browser  virtually takes over the computer and only restricted content from the web to the home computer.

a tutorial posted on youtube by one2threeish

The Zac Browser is relatively new and I could not find a lot of documentation yet.
New content is added regularly to Zac and the product is free.
a couple issues:

  • How much exposure children should have to a computer has been debated for a long time.
  • Even a  definition of Autism seems still in a primitive stage.
  • NO browser or Software can be completely 100% safe.

With that said, Zac shows enormous creativity and potential for the future, as well as usefulness now.

(“screen shots” of zac were taken with my Camera)

The Zac Browser started as someones innovative solution in his home, so that others may have a solution and powerful tool in their home…using two of our best resources the computer and the Internet.

For more information and the free download of the free Zac Browser, visit their site: