Feeling Words for Writing

Journaling or writing Mental health / wellness workbook and can’t think what to write at the moment?:



I feel _______ OR I am feeling ________ because I think_________

happy safe scared sad angry
good natured secure anxious tearful trapped
Jubilant warm butterflies morning annoyed
Joyful trusting Afraid haunted outraged
glad trusted fearful lonely explosive
festive inviting nervous helpless irritated
cheerful desired harassed vulnerable resentful
elated satisfied insecure tragic vengeful
loved receptive unsure bullied provoked
loving free worried disappointed offensive
brotherly certain cowardly ashamed useless
playful self assured desperate repugnant forced
aroused inspired threatened indignant pessimistic
esteemed encouraged suspicious lost dull
confident inspired wary pulled careless
provocative enthralled doubtful lousy apathetic
sexy manic victimized unhappy dispatched
manly , feminine energetic cheated confused uncared
comforted healthy wronged disoriented disjointed
strong pain-free terrified disillusion rejected
optimistic inquisitive alienated stupefied menaced
frisky curious offended stunned agonized
animated dependable hurt perplex menaced
glorious mellow injured doubtful unwanted
energized relaxed crushed worthless disrespected
vigorous affectionate rejected woeful shy
engrossed sympathetic listless energetic Taken advantage of
fluid respected amazed torn
touched flattered disorganized stressed conflicted
bold interested tired humbled ambivalent

This  list is no more than a cheat sheet to provoke ones own personal “feeling word” that describes his/her moment.
I made this and it is free: PDF (adobe reader), Doc (Ms-Word), Odt (writer),
click on the links below to open or download:

There are more downloads on the CHARTS tab/ page. please check them out.


Daily Affirmation Poster Updated

Today, Right Here, Right Now

I am feeling _________________________
I am really good at _________________________
I value most of all _________________________
I feel anxious about __________________________
If i had one wish, one thing that
I’d like to see happen it would be______________

I check my head , I check my breath
And I know everything will be alright.

Fill in the blanks.

the origional version I made of  poster like this …on a post where I boasted my Stewart Smalley like, “the- joy -of- the-therapy” attitude towards mental wellness… well that poster had a typo.
So I’ve posted again a new  “grammatically correct” version, and one with pleasant background, hopefully you won’t nod off. So that make two new posters, yes two.

click on the icons above, and if wish to download them right click after that.

Experimenting with Self Therapy Journaling

Journaling and writing is a great way to explore persistent  topics or subject matter that, are presently  creating a lot of stress and anguish.  At the same time one is using his or her creativity.

One form of Journaling that I use is “creating a Dialogue“. “Creating a Dialogue” with journaling is base on the  Empty chair (aka “open” or two chair) methods where a dialogue is maintained by two “parts of a person” are in conflict, competition or at odds with each other.Its a little tricky at first, but here goes..
So lets assume I feel particularly distress about dealing with Arthritis pain for example…
I could use this following drill in journaling for any subject:

  • – the grief of the loss of a family member
  • -Fight with a sibling
  • -A tough choice.
  • -or a big upcoming life event.

Any idea, subject, event  that causes immediate or prolong stress can be dealt with by journaling.

what can  I do with journaling…

1.   take  four or five minutes  and write a short letter to the part of
me that seems distressing.
from “me”    to    “my Arthritis Pain

  • Dear Arthritis Pain…”,
  • write some things  what would i like to tell ‘my Arthritis Pain’  “right now,
  • “I feel…”,       “I believe…” , “I need…”,   “I want..”,”I   wish… “etc

but lets not stop with there.

2. turn around the letter around:
take the other point of view…
write a short five minute letter from me: “my Arthritis Pain”
back to the rest of ‘Me’..

  • Dear  …the rest of me (or just Chris)”
  • think what would the Arthritis (or rather ‘me with Arthritis’ side of me)
  • …feels, needs, desires or want?
  • … what I would need, want, or hope for from the rest of me
  • …what would the “Arthritis Pain ” wish to say to the rest me, if i gave it a   voice?
  • “I feel..” “believe…”I need…”,   “I want..”,”I   wish… “

When one feels prolonged distress . its often do to “polarity”.
that is: according to the
Gestalt therapy point of view, two parts of one-self, figuratively, are in conflict or competition with one another.  Part A thinks,feels needs,or wants something and  what part b thinks,feels needs, wants is in someway in competition or conFlict….


3.  It is important to recognize that both sides of the subject matter  are   me or I.
the two are just two sides  of  the whole of me or “I” that in “polarity“.
its not always easy to recognize the two parts of us in conflict…
me and the me_with_arthritis_pain

(this maybe the me who if fighting Arthritis pain vs, the me who is accepting Arthritis pain, but that may not be apparent yet)


4 write that letter back again,
Part A( the original me who is angry with Arthritis Pain)  to  Part B (me who is accepting of Arthritis pain).Dear   B or “Me with Arthritis Pain”,

  • paraphrase letter 1 ( a clear summary of what I wrote  from letter in step 1)
  • paraphrasing helps clear state that you understand I wrote in a short statement
  • – “right now, what to want, need or hope from you (part B me with arthritis pain) is…
  • – “my options are…”
  • -“What really really value is….”
  • – “what I’d like to see happen is…”>


5. again switch  sides and continue to write short letters back and forth… continuing  the    dialogueBasically  I am  assuming:   two sides me on a particular subject matter( a crisis or stressful situation) are figuratively conflicting or competing with each other…

I am giving each side a voice to open a dialogue.From side A of me  to Side B of me

From side B of me  to side A of me
and so on.


6.  Critiquing
After finishing the letter I take a break, and I can take a look at what i wrote.
When Critique I am looking for discoveries and avoiding self judgment or expectation of resolving
any  conflict. Awareness is the point of this journaling.

  • Was it clearly easier to write from one side or the other?
  • Can I clearly state what the two side of me in polarity were?
  • Did I unconsciously write any self judgments?
  • Did I use any “should haves” in my writing?
  • Do I feel more anxious or excited as I read letter?
  • Do I see other polarities to journal about hidden in this one?
  • Do I notice one side top dogging (or seemingly trying to dominate and change) the other?
  •  was there difficulty staying the here and now?
  •  can I note any self discoveries?
  • – etc.


7. After I am done with any type of  self therapy , I destroy what wrote. I, personally see no   sentimental value in keeping these “in the moment” writings for self therapy.
It also avoids embarrassing situations if the journaling is found by someone else…and I am free from this anxiety when writing.

The Purpose of this style of journaling loosely borrowed from Gestalt  therapy Open Chair,(or Empty Chair or Two chair methods),  is to become more aware of the normally occurring conflicts and polarities I have in life and how I feel and think about them….
Hopefully so that I  resolve and move on, cope with what cannot be easily conquered.
and not spend an unnecessary amount distressed over tough choices and situations.

Make  this Self therapy idea  your own. this Dialog journaling is to give ideas for you to come up with your own creative tasks to cope with,  live with, conquer or resolve  those stressful events and circumstances of life.

Clearing my mind with Purging to Paper Journaling

We all need to vent some times.  We need to get things off our chests.
Our minds maybe filled with thoughts, anxieties and it needs to get out.
Its a stressful world we live in
Perhaps we need a friend to talk to.
But what if we are somewhere where we have no one to talk to?
What if we don’t believe we can talk to someone about what is on our mind?

The form of self therapy I  favor most is writing and journaling…
Journaling can take many forms and
may include meditation, creativity or venting
… it can be done with pen and paper or into a voice recorder, etc.

When  I need to vent and there is no to listen I can always turn to :

Purging to Paper!
Purging to Paper Journaling ” is  basically just venting  out or purging  what is  ones  mind… through pen…… and onto paper.
This  can be a cathartic experience and is useful when one feels overwhelmed and needs to vent.
Here is How to do it.

  • Have a pen and paper (preferably scrap paper) handy at desk, bed stand or even in pocket…. so it is available when needed.
  • When needed simply write and purge out what ever is one is thinking at the moment… from the mind to pen to paper, staying in the moment with energy.
  • Do not be concerned with grammar, spelling or writing logically or coherently  with this exercise, or how fast one writes… the idea is to dump every thing from mind to paper .
    There is no need to stop and look at what’s being written.
  • If one can’t get started… perhaps they are thinking “I don’t know what to write”… well: write “I don’t know what to write…”.
  • When one feels confident that they have exhausted  all they can write..
    then STOP,  breath for a couple minutes.
  • Finish journaling with writing a couple coherent and positive statements to end on. Affirming “I statements
  • Now  my favorite part of this therapy exercise… ripping the paper that one just journaled   on, to shreds and throwing it away.
    (Its not only therapeutic to be able to be rid of those thoughts to help move on from them, one doesn’t want others to embarrassingly find there honest and confusing writing.)
  • Done.

Purging to Paper Journaling is done without judgment  with purpose of clearing ones mind.  this “technique” (loosely) can be incorporated  into meditative journaling or creativity and can be changed into how ever one wishes to experiment in writing.
Its also a simple way to learn to journal and incorporate  therapies into our stressful lives.