Wetland Photos-Summer2015 Egrets and Herons

Photos of Blue Herons and Egrets I have taken recently.
both Egrets and Herons (including Great Blue, Blue and Green Herons) are common in Pennsylvania year round.

More information on Blue Herons: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Great_Blue_Heron/id
More on Egrets: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Great_Egret/id
Both links from the Cornell-lab of Ornithologist.

Similar Wetland photos on Pennsylvania Echoes follow the:

Have a great summer!


March of the Daffies


Or April of the Daffies.
This is a picture of a  garden in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, maintained and funded by donation and government.
Daffodils blooming are sure – fire sign that Spring has sprung in Pennsylvania.
Another sign of Spring is the budding of the trees.
Below, the Sun Valley Maple planted in memory of my late father. It’s budding.


Thats a  honey bee in the center. He kept moving around. Apparently he didn’t want his photo to be taken!

Happy Spring!

Pathway Photos

A handful of photos of Paths or Pathways, or as above.. some ducks on their pathway. Click on a thumbnail to start the gallery view:


Walking the parks, riversides, or woods… I occasionally catch myself feeling a little ridiculous. Walking, or sitting on a bench or a rock: alone or with others: “being in the moment” – ahh..that pathless path…. I spoil it by reaching for a camera. Sometimes I even make sure to set the correct digital setting to correctly filter and capture the static moment. And then I feel a little ridiculous.

I think too much.

Labor Day Clearance Photography

Pa white-tailed deer.jpg

Pennsylvania White-tailed Deer

Just Some Photography I took outdoors in Spring and Summer:
See the Gallery by clicking on  any thumbnail below:
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Walking in the park with outdoor photography

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I love walking in parks.
The smell, the green, moving creek  waters and the wind rustling through bushes. Its life outside of my human shell, I loose my skin. I’m in my backyard. I’m in everyman’s backyard.
Here I don’t need to think.
Walk , breath, observe.

…And  why the hell not bring a cheap  camera along.
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