Strawberry Futures forever

This week begins the last years project – next years strawberries.
That is to say: I am finally planting strawberries in a small 20 Square foot bed. The small soil bed itself, is part of a larger project of three Beds and integrated water run off from rain spouts.

progress report

No rush on the strawberries, their are plenty of fresh Strawberries and other fruits to buy locally — by those who are experience and grow better ones.
Growing strawberries is just a cool thing todo.
And its the garden is a water run off project to keep water away from basements & sub- recreation rooms.


A Day at the Aquarium –

A Day trip was in order to one of my favourite  old haunts – –  Baltimore “Inner Harbour”
these are a few snapshots while touring the National Aquarium :


Baltimore, M.D.  National  Aquarium is located Just off of interstate 83, and is located at Inner Harbour… their lots to tour they’re.  Tell them Chris sent you.
National Aquarium


Decembering Philadelphia 1

Photography of Centre City (Down-town)during two evening trips..
Outdoor photography is a relatively cheap hobby,
A cheap and simple digital camera ($50 to $150 dollars) and a laptop computer.
Exercise, fresh air, and bumping into other pedestrians worth it..

Hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Wetland Photos-Summer2015 Egrets and Herons

Photos of Blue Herons and Egrets I have taken recently.
both Egrets and Herons (including Great Blue, Blue and Green Herons) are common in Pennsylvania year round.

More information on Blue Herons:
More on Egrets:
Both links from the Cornell-lab of Ornithologist.

Similar Wetland photos on Pennsylvania Echoes follow the:

Have a great summer!

wetlands photo 3

Its about meditation, love and family… and waterfowl.
A usual spot I visit on walks with cheap camera has become a place to practice observation – some field work for a class I am taking. Home work for my Permaculture Design class demands that I work on passive observation. observation is a passive form of interaction and a type of experience.

This class encourage, in part, sitting an ecosystem (ie. a neighborhood, park, farm, pond) and letting go of presumptions and subvocalization (my word choice for thinking in spoken language) and sensing the close proximity world. If that sounds like meditation, yes its close. Zen, Phenomenology, and the permacultural observational practices of meld well. I will talk more of in upcoming posts.

One thing I have pleasantly seen around the local ponds and man made reservoirs these last couple of months is a growing number of Herons and a new season of young Canadian Geese.
So a couple pictures from yesterdays walk and sit with my camera:

Clicking the mosaic image above will reveal the slideshow.
Have a great weekend!

Wetland photos 2

I had another good thanksgiving day. I have notice the hype that Turkeys this time of year. But I thought I’d share some pictures other fowl, waterfowl Herons and kingfishers… plus some of there turtles friends hanging out together on a man made pond — a well kept overflow and runoff reservoir.
click on any image to start the  gallery:


I visited this marshy area quite a bit over summer, and I am surprised that turtles sit so comfortably next to the birds. Equally interesting is that the two Herons (A blue heron and a white egret) did not show any confrontational or territorial ill feelings toward each other… in fact the birds fished together, sometimes only a couple feet away from each other. They moved spot to spot in the pond usually with the geese and ducks.. perhaps this communal friendliness was for safety, or perhaps better fishing opportunities… or perhaps both.
It should be pointed out that all these critters were benefiting from a man made run of reservoir, even man can get along with turtle and wild birds.

… as long as the bird ain’t a turkey.

Wetland photos 1

The thing about my camera (cheap Nokia digital: it is the second camera I have ever owned.) is that gets me out to take a walk. I suppose I shouldn’t need an excuse for to get more exercise. and I probably would take walks anyways. But I like to take a walk with my camera in my pocket.
I like to  walk by a nearby  wetland. This wetland is a typical mix of man-made park and nature: A runoff reservoir and swamp.What is so appealing to me that I would walk through it with my camera is its wildlife: Typical waterfowl and other critters… and trying to get them to pose for my camera.
Unfortunately I am not much of a wild life photographer, I could never capture the moment with my blurry photographic efforts. I’ve yet to capture the splendor of walking there.
Here is a couple snapshots anyway:  (Click on any image to start the slide show)